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US mechanized infantry troops at an official opening ceremony for joint US-Georgian exercise Noble Partner 2015 at the Vaziani training area outside Tbilisi, Georgia, May 11, 2015.

These are the 15 countries with the most troops ready to fight right now

Head-to-head comparisons of countries' armed forces have to compensate for a variety of factors, but the number of troops a country can commit to combat right away is a key factor in its military strength.

There are 2 OPECs — and one has hit its ‘reckoning point’

The crisis-prone, high-risk "Fragile Five" OPEC countries have all dipped deeper into economic and political chaos this year.

This is the ‘reckoning point’ for a bunch of oil producers

OPEC has split into two blocs — one that has weathered the global oil-price slump and one that could be wrecked by it.