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Alibaba cofounder Jack Ma — the richest man in China — once starred in a kung fu movie his company produced. Here are 6 of his most extrav...

Alibaba cofounder Jack Ma starred in a kung fu film produced by the company in 2017, and his retirement party was held in an Olympic stadium.

Meet Daniel Zhang, the workaholic who’s succeeding Jack Ma as Alibaba’s chairman and keeps such a low profile that he was once mistaken fo...

As Alibaba's new chairman, Zhang could face challenges amid the trade war between the US and China and a slowdown in the Chinese e-commerce industry.
Ma performed Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up" with a group of senior executives on a portable stage that was pulled around the arena, the Journal reported.

Inside Jack Ma’s 60,000-person retirement party, which was held in an Olympic stadium and featured employee performances that made Ma cry

Jack Ma performed Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up" with a group of executives on a stage that was pulled around the arena, the Journal reported.

Alibaba cofounder Jack Ma — the richest person in China — is retiring with a net worth of $38 billion. Here’s his incredible rags-to...

Ma grew up poor in China, failed his university-entrance exam twice, and was rejected from dozens of jobs, before finding success with Alibaba.
A composite image showing Jack Ma performing at a company party in 2009, in a kung fu movie in 2018, presiding over a mass employee wedding in 2019, and in Paris in 2019.

Jack Ma — the most flamboyant tech founder on the planet and China’s richest man — steps down from his $460 billion Alibaba empire a...

Jack Ma is no longer the chairman of Alibaba Group, the world's largest e-commerce group. He quit on his 55th birthday as part of a succession plan.

[PHOTOS] Taobao’s new shop lets you try furniture before buying it online – here’s what it’s like

Don't dare to order a sofa on Taobao? Now you can actually check if an item looks like its online photo.

Alibaba, the $435 billion Chinese shopping giant, is gunning for Amazon in Europe

Alibaba opened its first European store in Madrid on Sunday. The store will fall under its AliExpress banner.
Tesla Inc CEO Musk and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Executive Chairman Ma attend the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai

‘If you can’t beat them join them’: Elon Musk says our best hope for competing with AI is becoming better cyborgs

"We are already a cyborg," Musk said on stage with Alibaba chairman Jack Ma at an artificial intelligence conference in Shanghai on Thursday.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Elon Musk says the difference between human intellect and AI is comparable to the difference between chimpanzees and humans

According to Tesla and Neuralink CEO Elon Musk, artificial intelligence could be so much smarter than people that we don't even understand it.

Singapore grants Alibaba patent – which usually takes 2 to 4 years – in record speed of 3 months

Industry 4.0 is expected to bring US$216 billion to US$627 billion in gains for ASEAN.