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Loon balloons getting blown up.

Google sister company Loon is in talks with Uganda to deliver balloon-based internet service — showing that Africa is a major opportunity for th...

Uganda is in negotiations with the Alphabet-company Loon to provide 4G LTE internet service to the country's rural areas, according to reports from Uganda's news media. The news comes a month after Kenya announced that it entered into an agreement with Loon.

Google has been stealthily working on a successor to Android, and engineers reportedly want to start rolling it out within three years

Sources close to the mysterious project, called Fuchsia, told Bloomberg that engineers working on the software want to begin incorporating it into voice-controlled speakers and other "connected home devices" in the next three years, and on larger devices like laptops in the next five years.

Google beat revenue targets but didn’t ease Wall Street’s biggest worries

It's been an eventful quarter for Google and its parent company Alphabet. Now it's time for its quarterly report card.
John Hennessy

Alphabet’s chairman and a Google distinguished engineer won a prestigious $1 million prize

John Hennessy and David Patterson are legends in Silicon Valley, fathers of the modern-day computer processor and are being recognized for their work.