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Waymo’s first commercial self-driving rides could happen as soon as December: Report

Bloomberg News reported Google's first commercial rides in its autonomous vehicles will start next month, when the first test group of customers are released from their NDA's.

19 of the coolest things your Google Home can do

Whether you have the original Google Home, the tiny Google Home Mini, or the extra-large Google Home Max, the device has several hidden tricks.
Richard DeVaul, who cofounded Alphabet's Project Loon, has left the company following sexual misconduct allegations.

An executive with Google’s parent company resigns with no severance after sexual misconduct allegations come to light

Richard DeVaul's departure comes less than a week after he was named in a New York Times report on Alphabet's handling of sexual misconduct charges.
Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet, which is in the middle of a leadership crisis.

It’s become increasingly clear that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, needs new leadership

Even as the controversies pile up, Alphabet CEO Larry Page remains absent from public view.
Google employees led by Kiwobe Allaire, left, and Tory Voight protest the company's handling of sexual misconduct allegations following a walkout at the company's headquarters in Mountain View on Thursday.

Google’s famous Googleplex headquarters was the epicenter for its worldwide walkout over gender discrimination — here’s what it was ...

Hundreds of Google employees at the company's main campus in Mountain View, California, took part in Thursday's walkout.
Netflix on Tuesday posted quarterly earnings that crushed Wall Street's expectations thanks to its best ever third-quarter subscriber growth.

The FAANG stocks are flirting with their best day in almost 3 years

Tech stocks are having their best day in three years as the market breathes a sigh of relief after Facebook's third-quarter earnings.

We compared Google Search with Bing and DuckDuckGo to find the best search engine out there — and the race was closer than we expected

For the last two weeks, I've moved off Google Search to see if the privacy-focused DuckDuckGo and Microsoft's Bing compare. Here's what I found.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google’s Q3 revenue was just shy of Wall Street but investors are showing no mercy

Google parent company Alphabet is set to report its Q3 financial results on Thursday.
A rendering of Quayside.

There’s a battle brewing over Google’s $1 billion high-tech neighborhood, and it could have major privacy implications for cities

After announcing its plan to collect data from citizens in public places, Sidewalk Labs has endured criticism from local residents and data experts.
Woman takes selfie with the Google Android mascot.

Google is making huge changes to Android to avoid being fined $15 million a day

Google was fined €4.3 billion ($5 billion) in July by the EU antitrust watchdog over its Android monopoly. The EU gave Google 90 days to get its house in order or else face fines of over $15 million for each day it fails to comply. Google is now implementing changes to comply with the decision.