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Former AfD chairwoman Frauke Petry.

The former chair of Germany’s surging far-right party charged with lying under oath

German state prosecutors accused Frauke Petry of giving false testimony about campaign finances in a 2014 election.
Anti-AfD protesters in Berlin on Sunday night.

Germans are protesting the surge of far-right AfD by raising their middle finger

Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) came in third place in Germany's elections, becoming the first far-right party to sit in the Bundestag since 1945.

The euro dips after far-right exceed expectations in the German elections

AfD won 13.5% of the vote and is projected to secure 87 seats in parliament.
Steve Crowther in 2015.

UKIP’s leader just congratulated the far-right AfD party after it surged in the German election

The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) is about to be the first nationalist party to sit in the Bundestag since the defeat of the Nazis in 1945.
Alice Weidel.

Germany’s far-right party surged to its best election result since the Nazis — meet Marine Le Pen-like leader Alice Weidel

Alice Weide, an openly gay former investment banker, is co-leader of Germany's anti-same-sex marriage, anti-euro, and anti-immigration AfD party.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Germany is heading to the polls — here’s everything you need to know about the election

Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz will face off in the country's vote on a new lower house of parliament on Sunday, September 24.