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Amanda Knox and her boyfriend are engaged — watch his sci-fi-themed proposal

On Friday, TV host and author Amanda Knox announced on Instagram that she and her boyfriend novelist Christopher Robinson are engaged to be married.

Amanda Knox fires back at Trump, who was reportedly ‘very upset’ she voted for Clinton

Amanda Knox shot back at President Donald Trump, who is reportedly "very upset" that Knox, who he publicly defended, voted for Hillary Clinton.

Trump reportedly ‘very upset’ that Amanda Knox supported Hillary Clinton

George Guido Lombardi, Trump's Trump Tower neighbor, said as much in an interview with the New York Times published Friday.

People believed Amanda Knox was capable of murder because of her ‘crazy eyes’

In making the Netflix documentary "Amanda Knox," Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst found her behavior was judged more harshly because she's female.

The 5 most shocking revelations from Netflix’s Amanda Knox documentary

Amanda Knox and several of the major players shed light on the murder case that captured the world in Netflix's revealing new doc.

How Netflix’s new Amanda Knox documentary makes you completely rethink the case

The directors of Netflix's documentary "Amanda Knox" tell us how they made the deep dive into what really happened in the infamous murder case.

Netflix’s new true-crime doc looks like it’s going to blow up the Amanda Knox murder case

Netflix has released two trailers for "Amanda Knox," its latest true-crime documentary about the murder of Meredith Kercher in Italy in 2007.