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Samsung’s next TVs can be controlled by talking to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant

The next generation of Samsung televisions will allow voice control through Amazon's Echo devices and Google's Home devices.

There’s a hidden perk when you use Amazon’s Alexa to order items

Ordering any physical item with Alexa comes with one big perk: free return shipping.
Apple's Tim Cook isn't happy

The 13 biggest Apple disappointments of 2018

Apple is one of the most influential tech companies in the world. But not everything it debuted in 2018 lived up to expectations.

These smart light bulbs are one of the best ways to upgrade any home — here’s what they’re like to use

Philips Hue smart lights aren't cheap. But they're totally worth it.

‘Alexa, play Despacito on Apple Music’: Apple’s streaming service finally fully works with the Amazon Echo

The announcement is a milestone in the thawing relationship between Apple and Amazon.

The beginner’s guide to tech in 2018: All of the essential phones and gadgets that are actually worth your money

It's 2018. If you know nothing about technology, here's where you can start.

I’ve owned an Amazon Echo for three years now — here are my 19 favorite features

Amazon Echo is one of the best gadgets you can buy right now. It transforms the way you use your living space.

You can save $60 on an Amazon Echo bundle that comes with a pair of smart light bulbs today

It's Cyber Monday, and you can save $60 on a bundle that includes the Amazon Echo and a Sengled smart light bulb starter kit thanks to a deal of the day.

24 Amazon Cyber Monday device deals that are live now — including the new Echo Show and Fire TV Stick 4K

As part of Amazon's Cyber Monday deals, many of its devices, including the Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick 4K, are on sale. We combed through the discounts.

Amazon’s ambitious Fire TV Cube is on sale for $60 for Black Friday — here’s what it’s like to use

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is one of Amazon's most powerful devices: it works as both a streaming stick and an Alexa device.