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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been outspoken about Amazon's HQ2 deal in New York City, which has now been canceled.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that $3 billion in tax credits should be given to the public, not Amazon — and a new poll shows that nearly half o...

An INSIDER poll showed that most thought there were better options for $3 billion in tax breaks than giving them to a giant corporation like Amazon.

Howard Schultz slams ‘far-left activists’ for ‘forcing’ Amazon to abandon its New York HQ2 plans

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz slammed politicians on the left for "forcing" Amazon to ditch its New York HQ2 plans.

Amazon was having official talks with city officials just the day before it canceled the New York HQ2

Progress was being made on Amazon's HQ2 deal in New York up to the day before Amazon shocked the world and pulled out.
Amazon killed plans to open its HQ2 in New York.

An angry landlord is leading calls for an Amazon boycott after the company canceled its HQ2 plans for New York City

Amazon announced on Thursday that it had canceled its planned HQ2 project for New York City. The decision has infuriated many Queens residents.
The skyline is already littered with high-rises and construction cranes.

Virginia is now the sole winner of Amazon’s HQ2. Here’s what its planned neighborhood looks like right now.

Amazon is locating its second headquarters in National Landing, Virginia, a newly created area close to Washington, D.C. Here's what it looks like today.

Amazon says it will still honor its agreements to assist New York City schools after yanking HQ2

Amazon will abide by agreements it made to integrate its Amazon Future Engineer program into NYC high schools and cloud certificates at CUNY.

Amazon has canceled its New York City HQ2 plans. Here’s why many New Yorkers opposed the project.

Some New Yorkers worried that Amazon HQ2 would bring overcrowding to its subways and schools.

When Amazon threw in the towel on the New York City HQ2, it showed the rest of the world how to beat Silicon Valley

Amazon just gave its biggest critics the perfect playbook to take down the rest of Silicon Valley.
New York City Council speaker Corey Johnson was a vocal opponent of the Amazon HQ2 deal.

‘I’d choose mass transit over helipads any day’: Key Amazon opponent on New York’s city council speaks out on HQ2 cancellation...

New York City Council speaker Corey Johnson told Business Insider in December that Amazon HQ2 was not a "done deal." He was correct.

People across America are begging Amazon to reconsider their city for HQ2 after the tech giant ditches New York City

People — including South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham — are asking Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos to consider opening a headquarters in their state.