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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos described the 4 qualities of a ‘dreamy’ business offering, and broke down exactly why projects like Prime have been so successf...

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos outlined the four qualities of a successful business in his annual letter to Amazon shareholders in 2014. He was referring to Amazon Marketplace, Prime, and Amazon Web Services, which had slow starts but ultimately became successful.
At the end of the day, the experiment entailed a lot of boxes.

I ordered the same items from Amazon and Walmart to see which site does it better — and they both had major flaws

Amazon and Walmart are battling for retail dominance. I tested online shopping with both companies to see which one does it better, and each had downsides.

There’s still only one real reason why people pay for Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime's free two-day shipping is still first in many members' hearts. According to a recent survey, Prime members say the free two-day shipping perk is still far and away the biggest benefit that keeps them subscribed to the membership program.
Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, which will report its second-quarter results Thursday afternoon.

Amazon’s stock popped 3% after it blew Wall Street away by reporting a record $2.5 billion profit

Amazon reported second-quarter earnings Thursday that far exceed analysts expectations. Investors cheered.
Prime Video's 'All or Nothing: Manchester City' will give viewers an inside look at one of the biggest clubs in football during their historic year of success.

Amazon releases trailer for ‘All or Nothing: Manchester City,’ an upcoming docu-series about the team’s historic 2017-2018 season

Prime Video's 'All or Nothing: Manchester City' will give viewers an inside look at one of the biggest clubs in football during their historic year of success.

This year’s Prime Day struggles show that not even Amazon can keep up with the monster it created

Amazon relies on Prime membership to grow sales, but sometimes not even its own infrastructure can keep up with the 100 million-plus-member monster it has created.

Amazon’s Prime Day website glitches didn’t stop it from setting record sales — but it was still a danger to the most important part ...

Amazon still set Prime Day records despite its website woes, but the outages still upset the brand's most loyal customers. Website issues lasted for hours on Monday, which frustrated consumers and would be buyers.

Amazon is having a technical meltdown that’s left Alexa and its AWS cloud service reeling on its biggest shopping day of the year

Amazon's website has been up and down since the start of Prime Day in the United States at 3 p.m. ET, and now the issues are starting to affect Alexa as well.
Amazon is making changes to its teams behind the scenes.

Amazon responds to massive site issues on Prime Day: ‘Many are shopping successfully’

Amazon experienced issues with its website from the start of Prime Day, but the retailer says it's still on track to be its biggest ever.

Amazon Prime memberships have more than doubled since its first members-only Prime Day discounts three years ago

The Amazon Prime membership program was $79 when it launched in 2005. Amazon has since upped the annual price to $119 having added a number of perks, including Prime Day — the members-only discount day that generated more dollars than Cyber Monday and Black Friday in 2017.