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Venture-capital value (bars) and number of deals (line) in 2016 in various metropolitan areas.

Amazon’s HQ2 competition is pushing ‘loser’ cities to become the next Silicon Valley — but some experts say it’s a dange...

Several cities that didn't make the cut for Amazon's second headquarters are aiming to become the next big tech hub, based on Amazon's criticism in postmortem calls. But some urban-planning experts say that it can be a big gamble to take Amazon's advice.

New Jersey just unveiled its secretive bid for Amazon’s second headquarters — and it may reveal what the tech giant is looking for

The Newark bid for Amazon's second headquarters may reveal that civic projects — including a network for driverless cars and educational programs — may be attractive to the tech company.

The cities where homeowners will benefit the most if Amazon’s second headquarters lands there

Amazon's $5 billion second headquarters will likely raise home prices in the chosen city, which could be good news for homeowners.
Amazon's Seattle headquarters.

20 cities are left in the running for Amazon’s second headquarters — and the story of Disney’s secret hunt for land nearly 60 years ...

A comparison of Amazon's current, highly-publicized search for HQ2, and the Walt Disney Company's top-secret establishment of Walt Disney World.