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Amazon quietly signed a $5.5 billion deal to sell its products to American cities — here are some of the biggest spenders

Local governments across the US have partnered with Amazon to buy school supplies, electronics, and more from the site using public funds. A new report reveals the total purchases of 60 agencies, from cities to counties to school districts.

This year’s Prime Day struggles show that not even Amazon can keep up with the monster it created

Amazon relies on Prime membership to grow sales, but sometimes not even its own infrastructure can keep up with the 100 million-plus-member monster it has created.
The Philly Phanatic uses an iPhone.

Now you can order a beer at a baseball game with a text — and it’s a great example of of how Apple is going after Facebook

Starting today, at Citizens Bank Park, where the Philadelphia Phillies play, you'll be able to order beer and water with a text message. It's part of a new pilot program that Aramark is trying out using Apple's Business Chat platform.
A view of 30 Hudson Yards at Hudson Yards, New York City.

Amazon, JPMorgan, and BlackRock are all snapping up space in the new $25 billion Manhattan neighborhood that’s reshaping the city

Tech and financial firms and settling down in New York City's Hudson Yards, the biggest real estate development in American history. Once a largely vacant industrial district, Manhattan West has transformed into a hotspot for wealthy New Yorkers.

Amazon reportedly had a 300-person conference call to deal with the Prime Day glitches

Amazon's servers couldn't handle the amount of traffic on Prime Day, causing the company to launch a backup landing page and cut off all international traffic, according to documents obtained by CNBC.

Jeff Bezos is now the richest person in modern history — here’s how he spends his money on philanthropy

Bezos is the only American in Bloomberg's ranking of the world's top 5 richest people to not join the Giving Pledge. In June, a year after asking his Twitter followers for input on philanthropic strategies, Bezos said he has settled on two areas and will announce them by the end of the summer.
An Amazon warehouse.

Amazon’s one hour of downtime on Prime Day may have cost it up to $100 million in lost sales

Shoppers had trouble connecting to Amazon's website throughout its Prime Day sale — which most likely cost the company millions. Regardless, it was still believed to have its biggest Prime Day sale yet.
A street at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Amazon won a major battle in Seattle, but a Big Tech ‘head tax’ could still happen for Google, Twitter, and Apple

This week, the Seattle City Council repealed a $275 per-employee tax for larger companies amid pressure from Amazon. Mountain View, San Francisco, and Cupertino, California — the homes of Google, Twitter, and Apple — are considering similar head taxes.

eBay tumbles after cutting its full-year guidance

At a time when Amazon continued to grow — and other traditional retailers like Walmart are beefing up their online presence — eBay can't afford to stumble, analyst say. Amazon now accounts for 49.1% of all e-commerce market share,  according to data from eMarketer, up from 43.5% last year.

Cisco stock shoots up 3% after Amazon officially denies that it’s going to become a competitor

AWS CEO Andy Jassy told Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins that "AWS is not actively building a commercial network switch." A report in The Information last week indicated that Amazon was looking to produce its own network switches that would be cheaper than Cisco's.