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Negan is ready to be a Whisperer on Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead."

7 details you may have missed on Sunday’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’

Insider breaks down some of the comic and show moments you may have overlooked on Sunday's episode of AMC's zombie series.
Eugene makes contact with someone outside of the communities on Sunday's "The Walking Dead."

‘The Walking Dead’ star Josh McDermitt confirms voice behind the mystery person on the radio on Sunday’s episode

Josh McDermitt tells Insider about the mystery woman he connects with on Sunday's episode and whether or not she's the same person from the season nine finale.
Ezekiel shares a secret with Siddiq that he's been keeping from the community at large on Sunday's "The Walking Dead."

‘The Walking Dead’ made a huge twist from the comics on Sunday’s episode and fans are shocked and disappointed

Sunday's episode of AMC's zombie thriller had an unexpected reveal for Ezekiel's character and fans are left wondering what this means for the character.

7 details you may have missed on Sunday’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’

From a comic nod between Michonne and Ezekiel to a tiny flower Daryl leaves for Carol, Insider breaks down some of the smaller moments you may have overlooked.
Aaron does not want to trust Negan on Sunday's "The Walking Dead," but he really doesn't have a choice.

‘The Walking Dead’ star Ross Marquand says Aaron is not a fan of Negan: ‘I don’t think he will ever forgive him’

Ross Marquand tells Insider about his character's darker turn on season 10 of "TWD" and how we'll see more of his daughter Gracie.
Norman Reedus tells Insider he's constantly asked about whether or not Daryl may wind up with Connie or Carol. He says he has read the character as asexual before.

‘The Walking Dead’ star Norman Reedus says he has read Daryl as asexual and even receives fan mail thanking him for it

The actor tells Insider he doesn't know how to respond when he's asked whether or not his "TWD" character will wind up with Carol or Connie.
Ryan Hurst may wear a mask over his face all of the time because he was someone famous before the zombie apocalypse.

‘Fear TWD’ had a huge hint about Beta’s mysterious identity hiding in plain sight and ‘Walking Dead’ fans think theyR...

On "Talking Dead," Chris Hardwick said there's an Easter egg about Beta's mysterious past on "Fear TWD's" fifth season.
Beta and Negan will meet on "The Walking Dead" this season and Ryan Hurst tells Insider it will be one of the show's funniest moments.

‘The Walking Dead’ star Ryan Hurst says when Beta meets Negan this season it will be ‘one of the funniest episodes’ of the sho...

Ryan Hurst tells Insider what fans can expect when he and pal Jeffrey Dean Morgan meet on "TWD" and hints Beta will have a round two with Daryl.
On Sunday's "TWD," fans learned whose mask Beta is wearing over his face 24/7 and how he teamed up with Alpha.

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Ryan Hurst discusses coming up with Beta’s backstory, whose face he’s wearing, and whether or not h...

Ryan Hurst walks Insider through Sunday's flashback on AMC's zombie series, his relationship with Alpha, and how we'll see more of his backstory.
Aaron Paul recaps "Breaking Bad" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Watch Aaron Paul recap ‘Breaking Bad’ in 2 and a half minutes ahead of ‘El Camino’

The actor, who stars as Jesse Pinkman in the series, appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Wednesday night where he gave viewers the rapid breakdown.