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Were you surprised by the way Sunday's "The Walking Dead" ended?

‘The Walking Dead’ had a huge opportunity to take a big swing on Sunday’s episode and it chickened out

The big end to Sunday's "TWD" should have had the impact of the "Game of Thrones" Red Wedding episode. Instead, it comes up a bit short.
Alpha doesn't just take prisoners on Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead." She shows she's a force to be reckoned with and changes lives forever.

‘The Walking Dead’ director breaks down Sunday’s gut-wrenching reveal: ‘I couldn’t shake that scene for weeks’

Laura Belsey walked INSIDER through Sunday's big episode of "The Walking Dead" and how she didn't originally know this would be the episode she would direct.
Henry's time was cut short on "The Walking Dead" after saving Lydia.

‘Everyone wants to see this’: ‘The Walking Dead’ star hopes we’ll get an Alpha and Carol showdown

INSIDER speaks with Matt Lintz about what went into making Sunday's big episode, what he hopes to see next, and his family's legacy on the zombie drama.
Enid's "JSS" motto didn't save her on Sunday's "The Walking Dead."

‘The Walking Dead’ star Katelyn Nacon was surprised Sunday’s big moment from the comics didn’t include iconic characters

Katelyn Nacon tells INSIDER how she and other actors thought the end of Sunday's "TWD" could have turned out different.
Katelyn Nacon (left) spoke with INSIDER about Sunday's big episode and looked back at her storylines for the past few seasons.

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Katelyn Nacon was ‘a little bummed out’ her character was pushed into another love interest role

Katelyn Nacon talks to INSIDER about Sunday's 'TWD' episode, her character's storyline the past two seasons, and how she doesn't blame Henry for what happened.
Carol makes an impossible discovery Sunday night on "The Walking Dead."

Sunday’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ mirrored an iconic Carol and Daryl moment from season 2

Carol and Daryl shared a difficult moment on Sunday's "TWD." Episode director Laura Belsey confirmed to INSIDER it was a reference to an iconic scene from season two.
Alpha shows Daryl, Michonne, Carol, and the communities she isn't messing around on "The Walking Dead."

‘The Walking Dead’ brings an iconic moment from the comics to life with a big twist

Fans have been waiting to see whether or not AMC's "The Walking Dead" would bring a moment from issue No. 144 to life. Sunday's episode culminated in the big reveal, with a twist.
This was all Michonne.

11 details you may have missed on Sunday’s ‘The Walking Dead’

Episode director Millicent Shelton breaks down Sunday's intense "TWD" with INSIDER. She tells us about a powerful moment that wasn't in the script.
Michonne is faced with an unthinkable decision on Sunday's "The Walking Dead" when Judith is kidnapped.

Why Sunday’s ‘The Walking Dead’ showed Michonne pregnant and why the episode strayed from doing what viewers may have expected

Sunday's "Walking Dead" director Millicent Shelton breaks down how she got involved with the AMC show and the work that went into handling this delicate episode.
Michonne and Daryl get scars, both physical and psychological ones, on Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead."

‘The Walking Dead’ finally reveals how Michonne and Daryl got their scars and the answer is intensely dark

"The Walking Dead" reveals how Michonne and Daryl wound up with "X" marks. Director Millicent Shelton tells us why it was one of the toughest scenes to film.