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Mysterious airline fees are costing passengers hundreds of dollars and no one knows what they go to pay for

Major US airlines such as American, Delta, and United are charging passengers hundreds of dollars in "carrier-imposed fees" on international flights. However, airlines won't tell us what these fees or surcharges pay for.

It looks like China is extending its Black Mirror-like ‘social credit system’ to overseas companies

Social credit is no longer being used to shape the behaviors of just Chinese citizens, it is now being used to control how foreign companies operate.
JetBlue Mint first class cabin.

These are America’s favorite airlines in 2018, according to passengers

We have the 2018 customer experience rankings for 11 domestic airlines. Jetblue Airways came in first yet again while Spirit Airlines finished in last. Allegiant Air and Delta Air Lines all made strides.
Big seat!

I flew domestic first class on American Airlines to see how it compares with coach — here’s what I discovered

I haven't flown domestic first class in a long time, mainly because I don't really think it's worth it. But this time the price was right. The bottom lines is that there were plusses and minuses, but I certainly do it against for the right price.

Homeland Security press secretary fired back at United and American Airlines after they told the US government not to fly children separated from thei...

Department of Homeland Security press secretary Tyler Houlton criticized American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and United Airlines on Wednesday. Earlier, the airlines told the US government to refrain from flying migrant children separated from their families on their aircraft.

American Airlines says it has fixed the computer glitch that forced its regional airline to cancel more than 2,000 flights

An American Airlines regional carrier resumed flight operations and blamed a computer glitch for thousands of cancelations, but customers are still not happy.
An American Airlines Airbus A319.

American Airlines has told US immigration officials to ‘immediately refrain’ from using its planes to fly children separated from their fa...

"We bring families together, not apart," American Airlines said in a statement. The airline has told the US government to "immediately refrain" from using its planes to fly immigrant children who had been separated from their families.

A computer glitch forced American Airlines to cancel hundreds of flights, and customers are furious

A computer glitch within PSA Airlines, an American Airlines regional carrier, forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights on Monday and Tuesday at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina.
A doctor on the flight allegedly asked for an emergency landing three times and spoke with the pilot, but the flight crew never attempted an early landing.

Frustrated American Airlines customers are slamming the carrier after it canceled more than 600 flights because of a technical issue

PSA Airlines, a regional carrier owned by American Airlines, canceled 675 flights between Thursday and Friday due to a technical issue, American Airlines confirmed to Business Insider. On Thursday evening, Twitter users expressed their frustration with how American handled the cancellations.
An Air Italy Airbus A330-200 arrived in New York.

This single flight shows the complexities of the airline industry’s nastiest feud

Air Italy launched its new New York to Milan flight last week. With the arrival of Qatar Airways bankrolled Air Italy, all six carriers involved in the airline industry's nastiest feud compete on a single route.