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Americans traveling abroad are often recognizable.

12 mistakes Americans make when traveling abroad that out them as tourists

A Reddit thread asked people who are not from the US to share tell-tale signs that tourists are from America aside from their accents.
Cultural differences can lead to moments of confusion for Americans traveling abroad.

Americans reveal 10 things they didn’t realize were super American until they went abroad

Cultural differences can lead to moments of confusion for Americans traveling abroad. Here are 10 things that have surprised Americans outside the US.
You won't find Italian dressing in Italy.

7 ‘Italian’ foods Americans eat that you typically won’t find in Italy

Sometimes the most common American dishes are a bit unusual to Italians. Here are some popular foods that Americans eat that most Italian people wouldn't eat or you would not find in Italy.
Some people just don't understand the popularity of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

10 American foods people outside the US think are strange

From peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to boxed macaroni and cheese, here are some American foods that people who are not from the US may find strange.
The author in Banaue, Philippines.

I’ve traveled to 25 countries and everyone wanted to ask — or tell — me the same things about the US

People around the world often have many questions and misconceptions about the US. I've been to 25 countries, and these are the questions that come up time and time again.

After traveling to 24 countries, I found people all around the world have the same 5 mistaken ideas about Americans

If you're an American traveling abroad, you're going to hear a lot of stereotypes about the United States. Some of these stereotypes are way off-base.

A Finnish journalist living in the US reveals the biggest misconceptions about Nordic countries

Journalist Anu Partanen moved to the US from Finland in 2008, and she's observed a number of misconceptions about her home region.

Japan has become a ‘demographic time bomb’ — here’s the truth about what that means

Japan is dealing with what economists call a "demographic time bomb." The country has coped with this in creative and sometimes extreme ways.

6 unfamiliar office rules other countries swear by — but Americans just don’t understand

From having your company measure your waistline to conducting business in the sauna, these practices are foreign to the American worker.
Annual death rates by US county, with lower rates in blue and higher rates in red.

Eye-opening maps reveal how and where Americans die

Maps using government health data weave a telling set of stories from raw numbers, and they can help inform where future treatments are needed most.