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Kids call for climate action at a "Fridays for Future" protest in Leipzig, Germany in August.

Germany’s considering a new tax on meat — but it might not be a model for Democrats who want Americans to eat fewer hamburgers

German politicians are considering a controversial tax on meat to boost animal welfare, fight climate change, and improve human health.
Supporters of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats gather at an Election Day party on Sunday in Dresden, Saxony.

A far-right party just made big gains in eastern Germany days after reports one of its leaders marched with neo-Nazis in 2007

The AfD party made gains in the Brandenburg and Saxony regions in elections Sunday, cementing its strength in the formerly communist east.
World leaders gather for a group photo during the G7 summit in Biarritz, France.

We asked a body language expert to analyze Trump at the G7 — and all those awkward kisses, handshakes, and shoulder grabs

It's not the first time Trump has been awkward on camera, from long handshakes with President Macron to being talked down to by Chancellor Merkel.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel deliberates with US president Donald Trump on the sidelines of the official agenda on the second day of the G7 summit in June 2018 i

13 world leaders ranked by how tall they are

From the tall Xi Jinping to the short Michael D. Higgins to the mysterious height of Kim Jong Un, the height of world leaders varies wildly.
Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel challenges Boris Johnson to solve Brexit crisis in next ’30 days’

The German Chancellor said it was possible to find a replacement to the controversial Northern Ireland backstop within weeks.
Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel

Germany set to reject Boris Johnson’s latest Brexit demands as he travels to Berlin

Allies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel dismiss the UK prime minister's new Brexit demands ahead of their meeting on Wednesday evening.

6 world leaders who have condemned Trump’s racist attacks on 4 congresswomen

Leaders from the UK, Germany, Canada, and New Zealand have condemned President Donald Trump for his racist tweets attacking first-term congresswomen.

Angela Merkel condemned Trump’s racist tweet about 4 congresswomen, saying it ‘thwarts America’s strength’ as a diverse countr...

Angela Merkel said she "without question" distanced herself from Trump's comment that US congresswomen should "go back" and fix their countries.
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson asked whether Angela Merkel was in the Stasi and questioned why Leo Varadkar isn’t ‘called Murphy like all the rest of them?...

The favourite to replace Theresa May as prime minister allegedly made a series of offensive remarks about EU leaders.