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A tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for COVID-19 after coming into contact with an asymptomatic caretaker

A caretaker at the zoo was infected but asymptomatic, and infected the tiger, along with other big cats.
The Jacksonville Zoo set up a playdate with its aardvark, penguins, and Western lowland gorillas and bonobos.

Penguins, gorillas, and an aardvark had a playdate at the Jacksonville Zoo while it was closed to the public

While the Jacksonville Zoo is closed to the public, its aardvark, Frizz, joined penguins CJ and Sharky to visit the zoo's gorillas for the first time.
The San Antonio Zoo is offering free, livestreamed yoga classes.

You can practice yoga with lions, bears, and other animals through the San Antonio Zoo’s livestream

Although the San Antonio Zoo is temporarily closed, the animals are still active and they're ready for yoga.

15 adorable and mesmerizing animal livestreams you can watch from home

While social distancing at home, you can feel comforted with virtual views of baby goats, snow leopard cubs, and sleeping koalas.
When your dog has the "zoomies," they might just be really happy to be alive.

From sniffing butts to getting the ‘zoomies,’ here’s the explanation behind 12 weird things your dog does every day

Insider had a dog behaviorist explain why your pup does all sorts of strange behaviors, like eating poop and winking.
Finley the English Springer Spaniel.

A dog has gone viral for having luscious locks that make him look like a rock star

Finley's owner, Rebecca Munday, told Insider that her dog has been compared to stars like John Lennon and Brian May from Queen.
Carmine, the black coyote.

A rare black coyote in Georgia couldn’t stop making friends with dogs

Carmine the coyote is now living in a wildlife sanctuary and researchers are trying to determine why he is so friendly.
Puppy yoga is just as amazing as you'd imagine.

I did puppy yoga with 10 adorable Yorkshire terrier pups, and it was the most fun I’ve had working out

The hourlong "workout" includes basic yoga flow sequences and stretching as well as, and most important, plenty of puppy playtime and cuddles.
Sometimes a dog may dislike you or feel uncomfortable around you.

9 signs your dog doesn’t like you, even if you think they do

If it seems like your pet dislikes you, it could be that they're actually nervous or afraid. Here's how to tell and how to help your pup feel better.
A kangaroo cools off in a pool outside a family's home in Merriwa, New South Wales, Australia as bushfires rage nearby.

A desperate kangaroo snuck into a family’s pool in order to escape the bushfires raging through Australia

The video is a stark reminder of the intensifying bushfires currently razing through Australia's nature reserves and residential areas.