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One of the chow chow dogs painted to look like a panda.

A Chinese cafe is being criticized for painting dogs to look like pandas to increase social media ‘likes’

At The Cute Pet Games cafe in China's southwestern Sichuan province, chow chow dogs are painted black and white to resemble panda cubs.
Staff at the Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium in Tennessee said in a statement that Otto the otter died after eating food visitors threw into his enclosure.

An otter at a Tennessee nature preserve is dead after visitors threw human food into his enclosure

Otto the otter first arrived at the park in October 2017 after he and his siblings lost their parents in a flood.
A protester grabbed the microphone from Sen. Kamala Harris on Saturday.

An animal-rights protester rushed the stage and ripped the mic out of Kamala Harris’ hand at a San Francisco forum

Harris briefly left the stage after an animal-rights activist rushed towards her and snatched the microphone from her hand.
Will we ultimately stop bringing home the bacon?

PETA tweeted a chart showing how to stop using ‘anti-animal’ language, and Twitter is going wild

The chart advises replacing 'kill two birds with one stone' with 'feed two birds with one scone,' but people have not taken kindly to the suggestion.
PETA activists dress up as killer whales at a protest against SeaWorld in San Diego.

Animal rights group PETA bought stock in Thomas Cook so it could lobby the firm to cut ties with SeaWorld

PETA plans to ask Thomas Cook executives to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld, which the animal rights organisation says abuses killer whales.
A still of Wikie in Marineland, Antibes, from a video published in March 2017.

A killer whale learning to speak human words is a ‘circus act’ to distract from the cruelty of her captivity, say animal rights activists

'If we had the intelligence to understand her own sophisticated language, we would hear her calling to be free'.
A monkey hugs a cat in an award-winning Reuters wildlife photograph. Nobody denies that they are sentient.

Viral news stories are now driving government policy — even when they’re fake

A furore in Britain over whether animals have sentience shows the power of unsubstantiated reports shared online to affect real-life policymaking.

This Silicon Valley couple saves animals from slaughter — take a look inside their farm

Anna Sweet and Nate Salpeter run a farm and animal sanctuary in addition to juggling careers in tech.