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Anne Hathaway doubles down on giving up alcohol until her son is 18, but says she’ll spend the ‘back half of my life completely sloshed...

Anne Hathaway elaborated on her decision to not consume alcohol on a talk show saying, "when you get a little bit older, the hangovers get really bad."
Anne Hathaway's son, Jonathan, is 2.

Anne Hathaway said she uses a helpful parenting tip she got from Kate Middleton

Anne Hathaway shared that she got helpful parenting tip from Kate Middleton that she now uses with her son, Jonathan.
Anne Hathaway starred in "The Princess Diaries" first and second films.

10 things you probably didn’t know about ‘The Princess Diaries’

Following Anne Hathaway's confirmation of "The Princess Diaries" third installment, here are 10 things you'd be surprised to know about the films.
The first "Princess Diaries" movie came out 18 years ago.

Everything we know so far about ‘Princess Diaries 3’

Anne Hathaway just gave the most solid information about "Princess Diaries 3" we've gotten yet, so we gathered all the information we know so far.
Anne Hathaway stars in the movie "Serenity."

Anne Hathaway accidentally had an embarrassing ‘diva moment’ on the set of her new movie

The "Serenity" star appeared on NBC's "Late Night With Seth Meyers" and recalled the crew bringing in a generator just to power her Nespresso machine.
Anne Hathaway pranked Ellen DeGeneres - and the whole audience - by making them take part in a 'citrus healing' ritual.

Anne Hathaway tricked Ellen’s audience into a fake ‘citrus healing’ ritual before telling them never to put something in their mouth...

"The takeaway of this is: Do not put something in your mouth just because a celebrity tells you to," Hathaway told the audience.
Anne Hathaway stars in the upcoming movie "Serenity."

Anne Hathaway says she will stop drinking for 18 years because of her son

Anne Hathway appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Tuesday and explained that she wants to avoid drinking while her son lives with her.
Tyra Banks swore off drinking at a young age.

10 celebrities who say they don’t drink alcohol

Some actors and famous figures simply don't drink. From Blake Lively to Anne Hathaway, here is a list of celebrities who say they don't drink alcohol.
Anne Hathaway is a vegetarian.

Anna Hathaway gave up being vegan because she ‘didn’t feel good or healthy,’ here’s the diet she chose instead

Here's how Anne Hathaway eats and exercises to stay in shape and prepare for some of her most iconic roles.
Donald Trump signs bills to promote women in STEM

11 insults Trump has hurled at women

President Donald Trump has a long history of harshly criticizing women. From the time he launched his presidential campaign in 2015, and in the years before and after, Trump has made clear how he feels about women — especially the ones who get under his skin. These are some of his worst insults.