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People wearing protective masks applaud healthcare workers from their balcony decorated with a banner that reads "vaccine" on May 4, 2020, in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Mande, France.

WHO: The coronavirus ‘may never go away’ if clusters of anti-vaxxers oppose a vaccine

"We have some perfectly effective vaccines on this planet that we have not used effectively for diseases we could eliminate and eradicate."

Some anti-vaxxers say the coronavirus pandemic has changed their minds on vaccines, but others say it’s reinforced their beliefs

Scientists are racing to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Some anti-vaxxers say they'd get it, but others are doubling down on their beliefs.
A doctor.

Chicago officials are investigating a doctor’s ‘cryptic’ suicide note that indicates he may have lied about vaccinating children and...

"The biggest issue is parents who are under the impression their children are immunized when they are not," Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said.
A package of Tamiflu in a pharmacy

A 4-year-old died of the flu after his anti-vaxxer mom didn’t give him Tamiflu — here’s how the drug can prevent the virus from beco...

Tamiflu is a medicine used to treat strains of the influenza virus (the flu) that can be given to anyone older than two weeks.
You may run into some stealth anti-vaccine content while scrolling Instagram.

Anti-vaxxers are finding Instagram loopholes to spread their dangerous message

The platform banned anti-vaccine messaging in May, but anti-vaxxers are gaming the system and exploiting pro-choice and pro-vaccine hashtags.
A selection of headlines from Well Being Journal, a magazine sold at Whole Foods and other stores.

Whole Foods is selling dangerous anti-vaccine propaganda in its checkout aisles

The grocery store promotes itself as a mecca for healthy living. The checkout aisle tells another story.

Bill Maher agreed with a controversial doctor, repeating a debunked theory that it was ‘realistic’ that vaccines have caused autism in chi...

On his show "Real Time with Bill Maher," the late night host agreed with a controversial doctor he had on the show, saying vaccines may cause autism.

An anti-vaxxer said she gave trick-or-treaters chicken-pox-infected lollipops, claiming they help with ‘life-long immunity’

Getting the chicken pox once can increase immunity, but doesn't guarantee that a person will never get the infection again.
A vigil was held in response to a new bill in California.

A man saw his photo being used at an anti-vaxxer vigil for dead children even though he’s still very much alive

The vigil was apparently in response to a new bill that will help to combat the number of false medical exemptions to vaccination.
Jerome Kunkel and his attorney, Christopher Wiest.

The Kentucky teen who refused to get the chickenpox vaccine got chickenpox

The Kentucky teen who refused the chickenpox vaccination, and even sued his local health department over it, contracted the disease.