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Anwar Ibrahim denies telling FT that some in own party are trying to block him from premiership

“I never said that. No fake news will be entertained," Anwar has reportedly said.

Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad crowned Muslim Man of the Year for 2019

Not bad for a 93 year old politician with a history of two heart attacks and one bypass surgery.

Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter and Malaysia’s ‘princess of reform’ says she regrets not quitting earlier

According to The Star, she referred to a “derailment of the reformasi spirit”.

Malaysia’s Anwar wins by-election, steps closer to premiership

Anwar Ibrahim won the coastal parliamentary seat of Port Dickson seat by a majority of over 23,500 votes, despite a low voter turnout on polling day.

Indian superstar Kamal Haasan just made a Facebook video where he calls Anwar ‘a beacon of hope’

The upcoming election will pave the way for Anwar's rise to the position Prime Minister, as promised by Mahathir.

The lawyer of former Malaysian premier Najib Razak has been charged with money laundering linked to 1MDB and Anwar’s sodomy case

This amount was likely payment for Shafee’s role as prosecutor during Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy appeal, Bloomberg reported.

Anwar Ibrahim could return to parliament soon as he gets ready to contest in Port Dickson by-election

Port Dickson Member of Parliament, Datuk Danyal Balagopal Abdullah, resigned on Wednesday (Sept 12).

Anwar Ibrahim denies rumours that Prime Minister Dr Mahathir is involved in a plot to stop him from becoming the next PM

There are rumours that that Dr Mahathir is among those scheming to prevent Anwar from becoming prime minister.