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Xiao Yaqing is the head of China's market regulator.

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with a Chinese state regulator days after controversially booting a Hong Kong map app from the App Store

Apple removed an app from its App Store last week that helped Hong Kong protesters track the location of police in the territory.

The 5 best games you can play on an Apple Watch

You can play games on an Apple Watch even though the screen size and resolution are limited. Here are five of the best games in the App Store.

Tim Cook sent a memo to employees explaining why he stands by Apple’s decision to remove an app used by Hong Kong protesters to track police

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a staff email that the app HKmap.live was being used to "maliciously target individual officers for violence."
A person protesting Chinese internet censorship in Germany.

These 6 tech companies have made the controversial decision to try to operate in China, where the government can demand social media posts be removed ...

China's "Great Firewall" blocks content that the government deems sensitive, but some major tech companies have attempted to comply with China's laws.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Angry Instagram users are leaving 1-star reviews on the wrong Threads app on Google’s app store

Facebook released an app for Instagram called Threads that's made for quick photo-sharing and instant-messaging with those on your Close Friends list.
Your iPad screen is not going to stay factory-fresh.

How to change the iCloud account on your iPad, or add a different account just for app purchases

You can change the iCloud account on your iPad by signing out of your old account and into a new one, or add a different account for app purchases.
A riot police officer fires pepper-spray projectile toward anti-government protesters demonstrating near the Legislative Council building in Hong Kong, China, September 29, 2019.

Apple rejected an app in Hong Kong that helped protesters track police activity

Violence between protesters and police in Hong Kong has escalated recently, and an 18-year-old protester was shot in the chest on Tuesday.
It's easy to turn off the ability to make in-app purchases on your iPhone.

How to turn off in-app purchases on your iPhone, so your kids don’t accidentally run up your credit card

You can turn off in-app purchases on your iPhone using Screen Time, so your kids don't accidentally run up your credit card. Here's how to do it.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google has booted at least 46 apps made by a big Chinese developer from its app store

The apps from the Chinese developer iHandy kicked from the Play Store included a horoscope app, a security app, and a selfie-filter app.
There are two main ways to transfer apps to a new iPhone.

How to transfer all of your apps onto a new iPhone, using iCloud or the App Store

When you transfer apps to a new iPhone, you can move all your apps at once, or use the App Store to move them individually.