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"Dr. Mario World," is a free-to-play puzzle game.

Nintendo is making a second smartphone game starring Super Mario, and it’s set to arrive this July

Nintendo's got a new smartphone game starring Super Mario, and it's nearly out: "Dr. Mario World" arrives on July 10 for both iOS and Android devices.
You'll have to go into your settings to trust third-party, non-App Store apps on an iPhone.

How to make your iPhone ‘trust’ an enterprise or non-App Store app so you can use it

You'll have to go into your settings to trust non-App Store apps on an iPhone. Here's how to make your iPhone trust these apps so you can use them.
Apple CEO Tim Cook has been down this road before.

It is not a surprise that Apple has been accused of price-fixing — just look at its history

Apple's top executives were "extremely angry" about a previous price-fixing decision, and will "never get over the case."

How to use Zelle, the lightning-fast payments app that’s beloved by both users and banks

Zelle is a payments app that lets you send and receive money instantly, without the need for bank transfers.

Apple’s new Mac update marks an important shift to the same strategy that Microsoft and Google have pursued for years

Apple's macOS Catalina update, which will launch this fall, is finally an acknowledgement that mobile and desktop apps should run on the same devices.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple’s major developer conference kicks off Monday — here’s when it starts and how to tune in

Apple will showcase new features and updates coming to the iPhone, the iPad, and the Mac during the keynote address starting at 1 p.m. ET, 10 a.m. PT.

Apple is expected to announce new features for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and more today — here’s everything we might see

Apple is holding its WWDC keynote on June 3, where it'll show new iPhone features coming in iOS 13, Apple Watch updates, and more.
Apps in the Google Play Store will now have to identify their target age group.

Google is cracking down on app developers that include ‘loot boxes’ in their games, requiring them to start disclosing the odds of winning...

Google updated its policies for Android apps as Congress and the FTC launch investigations into loot boxes and other micro-transactions.

All the new features we’re expecting to see in the next big Apple Watch update

Apple is expected to unveil a new update for the Apple Watch on June 3, which could include a standalone App Store, new health features, and more.
Salesforce co-founder and CTO Parker Harris

Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris explained how Salesforce created the App Store URL and gave it away to Steve Jobs

Salesforce's Parker Harris shares how Salesforce gave the App Store URL to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Jobs helped inspire Salesforce's AppExchange.