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Target changed its app after an investigation found prices went up for shoppers using it in stores — but it hasn’t changed the practice

Prices listed in Target's app change based on whether a customer is inside one of the company's stores. Now, the company is making that clearer.
Wheely drivers follow a code of conduct, which includes wearing a suit and tie and opening the door for passengers.

I tried Uber’s luxurious London competitor Wheely, and it made me think it’s possible for money to buy happiness

The ride would have been cheaper in an UberX, but more expensive in an UberExec.

Empower, a freemium personal finance app, helped me identify $4,500 in hidden savings opportunities that I wasn’t taking advantage of

The company empowers people to take control of their financial lives by making money management as convenient and least intimidating as possible, so you can look your finances in the eye without wanting to run away.
Nike rolled out some awesome in-store tech this year.

Nike gave us a glimpse into the store of the future this year

Nike is winning the race to create the store of the future by debuting new features into its app. But Instant Purchase is by far the most interesting.
Wal-mart's Canadian stores are looking into carrying marijuana-infused products.

Walmart made a game that lets you see what it’s like to work at one of their stores — here’s how to play

If you've ever wondered what it's like to work at Walmart, now's your chance: the retail company has released an app to give you the experience.
A poster in the Nike store at The Grove, encouraging use of the new service.

Nike has unveiled a new way to try on sneakers at its stores without talking to anyone. Here’s how it works.

Nike's scan-to-try technology, which is enabled through the retailer's app, allows customers to order shoes in their size without having to talk to a single employee. Here's how it works.

This free travel app is the only app you need to navigate a new city like a local — here’s how it works

Mitty is designed to help you spend less time downloading new apps and more time exploring the city.

Apple made a really annoying change to the main way you send photos to people in iOS 12

Apple has changed the way people send photos through the Messages app in iOS 12. Whereas in iOS 11, where you only need to click the camera icon in Messages to summon their Camera Roll, iOS 12 will force users to click the App Store button in Messages every time they want to share a photo.

Book a ride, order groceries and read the news with Grab’s new ‘Super App’

Grab's revamped app will allow you to do more than just book a ride.