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Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The next 10 years of Apple will include self-driving cars, computer glasses, and — yes — a much faster iPhone

Apple has dominated the last decade in tech, and it has no plans of slowing down in the next 10 years.

These are Apple’s 3 best inventions since the iPhone

For years, Apple was "the Macintosh company." Then, it became "the iPod company." Now, it's "the iPhone company." But it's really more than that.
Apple CEO Tim Cook and Didi Chuxing's Jean Liu take a car in China.

Apple’s secret car project is much bigger than people think. Of course it had to cut 200 jobs.

Apple confirmed that its car project had reassigned or laid off 200 workers, but this isn't a sign that Apple is cutting costs because of weak financial results.

Check out the new Apple Maps cars cruising around Los Angeles

Now it appears that Apple has developed a second-generation version of its mapping vehicles — and this time, they're not vans. Two different people in the Los Angeles area in recent weeks have sent Business Insider pictures of a new model of Apple Maps car.
Bring on the Mighty Eagle!

Forget about Tesla going private — there’s still time for Apple to buy the company

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is in the middle of a go-private saga around the carmaker. Various ways to funds a potential deal have been debated, but nothing solid has yet emerged. Yet again, Apple and its pile of cash and trillion-dollar market cap could ride to the rescue.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Building a car is still the best way for Apple to ‘move its big needle,’ say analysts

Apple needs to break into another big market to keep growing, Guggenheim analysts believe. They think that market should be cars, which has a total addressable market of more than $2 trillion.
Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive, who spearheaded the construction of the campus.

Apple’s scrapped ideas for the car of the future sound wild

In the early days of Project Titan, Apple employees including Jony Ive came up with concepts for the car of the future.They include augmented reality windshields, windows that tint themselves, and a interior were passengers could face each other.
Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple has the second-largest fleet of self-driving cars in California — bigger than Tesla, Waymo, or Uber

Apple's 55-vehicle fleet is the second largest in California, behind only Cruise, a self-driving company owned by GM. Apple actually has more self-driving cars in testing than self-driving pioneers such as Waymo and Tesla, as well as big automotive companies like BMW, Toyota, and Mercedes Benz.
Apple has been working on self-driving tech for a few years.

Apple just gave us the first hint at how it envisions the user interface in a self-driving car

The patent shows how self-driving cars can learn changes to routes over time.