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Apple CarPlay is the big winner!

Apple CarPlay is Business Insider’s 2018 Infotainment System of the Year

Apple CarPlay is the winner of Business Insider's 2018 Infotainment System of the Year. CarPlay beat out systems from Audi, FCA, GM, and Tesla.

The 5 most important changes and additions coming to the iPhone in the next major update, iOS 12

When iOS 12 arrives later this year, it's bringing a ton of changes and new stuff to the iPhone and iPad. But only a handful of those new things will make a huge difference on your life.

Apple has made a potentially disastrous pivot on self-driving cars

Tim Cook has adopted the technocratic lingo of futurism that defines the conversation about transportation tech. It sounds good but it's far from reality.

Audi has Business Insider’s 2016 Infotainment System of the Year

A great infotainment system makes car ownership a pleasure. A poor system makes it a chore.

The master plan for the Apple Car might not be what you think

The traditional car-making world is starting to take the Apple Car very seriously.
Apple CarPlay first launched in 2014, and brings Apple apps to the car's dashboard.

Apple is fixing the worst part of its CarPlay software — you’ll finally be able to use Google Maps

With iOS12, Google Maps and Waze are finally hitting Apple CarPlay, its system for connecting an iPhone to a car infotainment system.