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Apple’s iPhone sales in China collapsed last quarter, and it’s because they cost too much

It wasn't just Apple that got whacked, though, as China's entire smartphone market shrunk nearly 10% in the quarter, lending credence to Apple officials saying that the drop was related to overall conditions in China.

This chart shows how bad things are for Apple and Samsung in the Chinese smartphone market

Local Chinese brands are continuing to dominate the Chinese smartphone market. One chart shows Apple and Samsung losing ground.

Here’s how Apple’s iPhone sales break down by region

Things aren't going ideally for Apple in China.

Apple’s relationship with China is going south — and investors should be worried

If Apple's relationship with China has soured, that is a very bad sign for the company.

China asked Apple for its source code within the past two years

During a hearing in front of Congress on Tuesday, Apple confirmed that the Chinese government has asked Apple for its source code, and Apple refused.