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A Wall Street analyst lays out a bleak worst-case scenario where coronavirus disrupts a 32% chunk of Apple’s business

Apple has already said coronavirus will weigh on revenues through March. But one firm is worried the company could be hit for much longer.

Apple’s rare revenue warning left out something major — and it’s a sign of how difficult it is to predict the coronavirus’ imp...

Apple gave updated revenue guidance but didn't provide a quarterly estimate, signaling how hard it is to predict the ramifications of the coronavirus.
Workers prepare for the opening of an Apple store in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, January 23, 2015.

Apple has temporarily closed 2 more stores in China after already closing one because of the coronavirus

Apple has closed two more stores in China, likely as part of an effort to protect employees from the Wuhan coronavirus.

Apple made a small change to the way it introduced its new iPhones this year, and its record-breaking holiday quarter proved it was a runaway success

Apple's Q1 earnings saw the iPhone return to growth, indicating that the iPhone 11 has been a runaway success despite low expectations.

Apple hits new all-time high after iPhone demand shatters sales records

The company's fiscal second-quarter guidance beat estimates but is "wider-than-usual" to reflect uncertainty around the coronavirus outbreak, Apple said.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says 5G is still in its ‘early innings’ even though rivals like Samsung are already selling 5G phones

When asked about Apple's plans for a 5G iPhone in 2020, Cook said the network is still in "early innings" on the firm's Q1 2020 earnings call.

Strong iPhone holiday sales deliver record-breaking revenue for Apple

Apple reported record-breaking revenue in its first-quarter 2020 earnings on Tuesday as iPhone revenue returned to growth.

Apple investors should protect against earnings losses as expectations soar, JPMorgan says

Apple will likely beat estimates in its first-quarter report, but the "high bar of expectations" could drive profit-taking, analysts said Monday.

Teens love Apple’s AirPods, and they’re putting them on their holiday wish lists more than ever before

Apple's AirPods are becoming an increasingly popular item on teens' holiday wish lists, according to a new survey from Piper Jaffray.

Apple’s latest earnings report proved the iPhone is more important than ever — even if it doesn’t seem like it

Apple's growth in wearables and services was the highlight of its Q4 2019 earnings. But those products all tie back to the iPhone.