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AirPods have become a millennial status symbol, and Apple’s earnings suggest they could be its next big thing after the iPhone

Apple's AirPods have become a status symbol since the company launched them in 2016, and it's helping the firm offset slowing iPhone sales.

Apple is not the iPhone company anymore

But the iPhone still underpins the success of Apple's services business.

Tim Cook says Apple wants to continue making the Mac Pro in the US following reports that it was shifting production to China

Tim Cook said on Apple's Q3 earnings call that it wants to keep making the Mac Pro in the US, following reports that production was shifting to China.

Apple has finally revealed when its sleek new credit card will launch

Apple has said it will release the Apple Card in August during its Q3 2019 earnings call. The company first unveiled the credit card in March.

Sales of Apple’s wearables, home, and accessories products are now almost as big as the Mac business, showing that the Apple Watch and AirPods a...

Apple's wearables, home, and accessories business, which includes products like the Apple Watch and AirPods, is almost outpacing the Mac.

Apple is in serious danger of no longer being a $1 trillion company

When the market opens Friday, Apple could have lost its $1 trillion valuation.

IT’S OFFICIAL: Apple is the first US company worth $1 trillion

Amazon, Google, Facebook and others were getting close to the $1 trillion market value milestone, but in the end Apple could not be caught. Here's what the watershed moment means and how Apple got here.
Apple climbed as much as 2.6% following its earnings report Tuesday.

Apple is climbing after topping Wall Street’s earnings expectations

Revenue from services, which includes the App Store and Apple Music, hit a record high.

Apple is grinding higher ahead of earnings

There was no new iPhone release this quarter, so Apple Services — the company's new rockstar with revenue from things like the App Store and Apple Music — will be front and center.