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You can share your location on an iPhone from a few different apps.

How to share your location on an iPhone in 4 different ways

You can send or share your location on an iPhone with someone in a few taps, and through four different apps. Here's how.

These are the best Apple Watch features, according to Business Insider readers

I recently asked Business Insider readers to email me their favorite Apple Watch features and received dozens of responses.
Waze CEO Noam Bardin

Waze sold to Google for $1 billion — but its CEO says the company owes its success to Apple

The company still celebrates "Tim Cook day" every year, CEO Noam Bardin told Business Insider in an interview.

Check out the new Apple Maps cars cruising around Los Angeles

Now it appears that Apple has developed a second-generation version of its mapping vehicles — and this time, they're not vans. Two different people in the Los Angeles area in recent weeks have sent Business Insider pictures of a new model of Apple Maps car.

You can now use Google Maps to poll your friends on where to eat — here’s how to do it

Google's new group planning feature lets you poll your friends about which restaurant to eat at. The feature will be available when you update to the latest version of Google Maps on your smartphone.

Here are all the major changes coming to iPhones and iPads with iOS 12

Apple's iOS 12 will finally arrive on Monday, September 17. Here are all the major changes, updates, and new features coming to iPhones and iPads.

Apple has been secretly working for 4 years to make Apple Maps something you might actually want to use

Apple Maps is going to get a lot better, once Apple drops its own data in there for the first time.

No, it wasn’t just you — Apple Maps was down for hours, but it’s working again

The Apple Maps app wasn't working for many iPhone users on Friday morning. Apple was aware of the issue, but did not provide a cause or explanation.
Steve Jobs apologizes for Antennagate in 2010.

Apple’s battery apology could be its most important ever

The effects of Apple's battery apology will be felt for many years to come.