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Apple is offering store workers $100 toward work-from-home gear and a new stress-management tool as other retailers cut costs and layoff employees

Apple is offering $100 to store employees who need to purchase equipment to work from home as stores around the world remain closed.

Apple Stores will reportedly remain closed until early May as the coronavirus continues to spread

Apple's retail stores will likely remain closed until early May, a company executive reportedly said in a memo to staff.

Customers can’t get their iPhones back if they left them at an Apple Store before they closed amid the coronavirus pandemic

Customers will have to wait until Apple Stores re-open to get their devices back — but nobody knows when that might be.

Apple is expected to start re-opening its retail stores again in the first half of April, report says

Apple may start reopening its retail stores in the first half of April. The company's stores are currently closed for an unspecified period of time.

Apple’s retail stores are closed until further notice as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread

Apple's stores are closed indefinitely, says to the company's website, coming just after it closed stores outside of China because of the coronavirus.

Apple is telling retail workers not to encourage customers to try on the Apple Watch or AirPods in a precaution against spreading the coronavirus

While Apple hasn't eliminated try-ons, employees are being told not to offer them proactively and to only allow try-ons at the customer's request.

The designer behind the original Apple Store reveals the biggest lesson he learned from working with Steve Jobs

Tim Kobe, whose firm designed the original Apple Store, learned a lot from working with Steve Jobs for more than a decade.
Apple's retail stores have already felt the impact of the coronavirus.

Apple is telling retail store workers to expect a limited supply of replacement iPhones for the next several weeks

Employees at the Apple's retail stores were warned that replacement iPhones could be in short supply for weeks, according to Bloomberg.

Apple has increased cleaning staff in stores, installed hand sanitizer stations, and has been asking employees to wipe down demo products more frequen...

The company is also encouraging employees to stay home if they feel sick and avoid travel if possible, according to multiple employees.