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How to turn off the VoiceOver feature on your Apple TV in 3 ways

You can turn off the VoiceOver feature on your Apple TV generation 3 or later using Siri or Settings.
There are four different ways to determine which generation Apple TV model you own.

How to find out which generation Apple TV you have in 4 different ways

You can quickly and easily find out what generation Apple TV device you have using four different methods.
By default, the "Sleep After" setting will be set to 15 minutes.

How to turn off your Apple TV by putting it into Sleep Mode, in 3 different ways

To turn off an Apple TV, you'll need to either unplug it or activate Sleep Mode, which will help save power.
You can watch Hulu + Live TV on a fourth generation Apple TV device or newer.

How to watch Hulu + Live TV on an Apple TV device

You can watch Hulu + Live TV on your Apple TV — as long as it's a fourth generation Apple TV or newer.
With the latest Apple TV remote, you can use your remote to search for movies and shows on your Apple TV using Siri.

How to use your Apple TV remote to watch shows and navigate with Siri

You can use the latest Apple TV remote to rewind movies, pause a TV show, and navigate your Apple TV using Siri.

The best media streaming sticks and devices

Turn your dumb TV into a smart one with the best streaming sticks and devices you can buy from Roku, Apple, Google, NVIDIA, and Amazon.
You can arrange folders from this menu as well.

How to delete or hide apps on your Apple TV, and free up space for new apps

You can delete apps on your Apple TV if you aren't using them, and then redownload those apps for free later.
If you do download Netflix on an Apple TV, you'll still need a Netflix membership.

‘Does Apple TV have Netflix?’: How to download Netflix on your Apple TV from the App Store

Any recent Apple TV will have Netflix, as it's available on every Apple TV model except for the 1st Generation.
The method to charge an Apple TV remote depends on which type of remote you have.

How to fast forward on your Apple TV in nearly any app, with either type of remote

You can fast forward on an Apple TV using the buttons on your remote, and go frame-by-frame or seconds at a time.

How to restart any Apple TV model in 3 ways, to fix glitches and other issues

You can restart an Apple TV in three ways: through a remote shortcut, through the Settings app, or by unplugging it.