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One year after killing off its premium Apple Watch, Apple is bringing it back with a new version that costs as much as $1,400

The ceramic Apple Watch Series 5 starts at $1,300, which is nearly $1,000 more than the base Apple Watch model.

Apple has quietly killed off a bunch of older devices in the last few months — here are the products that are gone forever

Apple has recently discontinued several of its older devices, including the iPhone X, iPhone SE, and Apple Watch Edition.
Apple introduced the gold Watch Edition Apple Watch models when it launched its smartwatch three years ago.

Apple has killed off the most premium version of the Apple Watch, which originally cost $10,000 and came in an 18-karat gold case

When Apple launched its Apple Watch smartwatch three years ago, the Watch Edition version was targeted at the luxury market.

The $10,000 Apple Watch will stop getting major software updates from Apple starting this fall

When WatchOS 5 arrives this fall, it will only work with Apple Watch Series 1 or later. That means a group of users won't get the update: those who shelled out $10,000 for the gold Apple Watch Edition.

Here’s how much the new Apple Watch will cost and when you can get it

The third generation of Apple's smartwatch will cost between $329 and $399 and be available to preorder on September 15.

Apple just unveiled its latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 3 — here’s everything you need to know

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the third generation of Apple's smartwatch.

Apple just killed its $10,000 gold watch

When the Apple Watch first launched last year, the most eye-popping version was a model made of 18-karat gold.