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Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs surrounded by Macintosh computers.

The 24 most expensive products Apple has ever sold

Apple is known as a "luxury brand" for a reason. Here's a look at its most expensive products, from the Macintosh II to the new Mac Pro.
This isn't necessarily the best way to clean your Apple Watch. Follow our steps below.

How to properly clean your Apple Watch, including its band and Digital Crown

You should clean your Apple Watch and Apple Watch band periodically to enhance the comfort and longevity of your device. Here's how to do it.

The new Apple Watch has a cellular connection, but you’ll only get 1 hour of talk time unless you keep your iPhone nearby

Apple added a cell connection to the Series 3 watch, but it will have a major effect on battery life.

Apple is reportedly offering free repairs for some Apple Watch owners — here’s what happened, and who is affected

Apple has issued a new worldwide policy stating that certain Apple Watch Series 2 devices are eligible for free repair.

What’s new in Apple’s latest software update for the Apple Watch

Here are all the changes and updates Apple made with WatchOS 4, the latest version of its Apple Watch software, including new Siri features.

Apple’s 2016 report card: Grading all the new hardware Apple released this year

Looking back on 2016, it’s impossible to evaluate the tech industry as a whole without assessing its star player, the most valuable company on earth: Apple.

Apple’s latest watches still lack a huge feature Samsung already has

The lack of LTE data connectivity leaves a hole in the Apple Watch Series 2's feature list, especially when you compare it to Samsung's new Gear S3 Frontier.