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Apple swapped all of its executives’ official headshots for emoji on its website

To celebrate World Emoji Day, Apple swapped out its executives' official headshots with — what else — emoji.

Here’s our first look at some of the new emoji coming to iPhones later this year

In honor of World Emoji Day, Apple revealed what some of the new emoji will look like that arrive on iPhones later this year. The new characters include redheads, bald people, a lobster, a cupcake, and more.

Everything I loved and hated about the $120 Fire TV Cube, Amazon’s ambitious vision for the future of TV

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a $120 device that's both a streaming stick and an Alexa device. It can play movies and TV, control your home entertainment system, and answer questions and perform tasks like an Amazon Echo.
Sarvinder Naberhaus's iPhone.

A woman dropped her iPhone 1,000 feet from a plane and then found it hours later in perfect working order

Sarvinder Naberhaus told local TV news, WHO TV, that she found her iPhone using the Find My iPhone app. She said the incident showed that 'God has a great sense of humour.'
Apple is struggling to sell expensive iPhones in India.

Apple is failing spectacularly in one of the world’s biggest smartphone markets

Apple is struggling to sell the iPhone in India, the world's third-biggest smartphone market, and has lost several important sales executives in the country.
An early investment in Facebook would be worth nearly five times as much today.

Here’s how much you would have made investing $1,000 in Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and 19 other major companies back in the day

Using historical price data from Yahoo Finance, we took a look at how an early investment in 22 big-name companies — including Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, and Netflix — would have turned out over the years.

Apple may have secretly fixed the MacBook Pro keyboard that’s driving people crazy

Apple released new laptop models with a "third-generation keyboard" this week, but many of Apple's recent laptop models have a keyboard that many people say can be paralyzed by even a spec of dust. And we still don't know if Apple fixed the keyboard issue.
This is the very pretty, very expensive iPhone X.

6 reasons you should buy an iPhone SE instead of the iPhone X

Apple's $1,000 iPhone X is a hype machine you can easily ignore.

These are the most positively reviewed apps in the history of the Apple App Store — and the top result may surprise you

Apple's App Store has over 2 million apps, so it can be hard to find which ones are worth your time and which ones aren't. These are the top-rated apps.