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Applebee’s went from being killed by millennial diners to making the biggest comeback in the restaurant business

Applebee's had the restaurant industry's comeback of the year in 2018.
The drink comes in two flavors.

Applebee’s is serving boozy $1 Jolly Rancher drinks this December

Applebee's is serving the $1 Dollar Jolly this December, a vodka cocktail inspired by Jolly Ranchers that's served with one on the side.

The CEO behind IHOP and Applebee’s perfectly illustrates how US restaurants could be one of the biggest winners of Trump’s trade war

Steve Joyce, the CEO behind Applebee's and IHOP, explained how President Trump's trade war is actually a big win for the US restaurant industry.

The CEO behind Applebee’s reveals how the Dollarita played an essential role in the chain’s turnaround

The Dollarita was the game changer that Applebee's needed to turn around its business.
The Dollar Zombie is a rum cocktail.

Applebee’s is serving a boozy Zombie drink for Halloween — and it’s only $1

Applebee's new Halloween cocktail of the month is blue and topped with a gummy brain. Here's what's in the boozy Dollar Zombie and drink when and where you can get it for just one dollar.
IHOP's pancakes and burger.

A bankrupt Applebee’s franchisee claimed in a lawsuit that IHOP’s ‘ballyhooed rebranding’ as IHOb put its burger sales at risk...

Applebee's second-biggest franchisee, RMH Holdings, is claiming in a lawsuit that its parent company, Dine Brands, put its burger sales at risk by allowing sister brand IHOP to temporarily change its name to IHOb.

A 3 a.m. bankruptcy filing, unpaid millions, and IHOb burgers: Inside the $23 million battle raging within Applebee’s

Applebee's parent company, Dine Brands, and its second-largest franchisee, RMH Holdings, are battling in court, with Dine Brands attempting to take control of dozens of the franchisee's restaurants.

Applebee’s is making a comeback by ditching food that people ‘can’t pronounce’

Applebee's is turning around business by not trying to be "trendy," but instead giving millennials — and other customers — what they actually want: a pretty good meal at a pretty good price, with some very cheap drinks.

We compared meals at Applebee’s and TGI Fridays as the chains battle for dominance, and the winner is clear

Applebee's and TGI Fridays have struggled in recent years, overhauling menus and marketing to convince customers to return. We visited both chains to see who was succeeding in their mission to win over sit-down, casual dining customers.
Applebee's is aiming for a comeback.

We visited Applebee’s as the chain tries to claw its way out of a downward spiral. Here’s the verdict.

Applebee's is gunning for a comeback after a sales slump. The chain closed 99 locations in 2017. We visited an Applebee's restaurant to see how the menu revamp was going and were impressed by the deals — and the cheap drinks.