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Pinterest’s CEO launched a free iPhone and Android app for self-reporting your symptoms to help experts track the spread of the coronavirus

The goal of How We Feel is to collect real-time data to help researchers detect regions on the brink of a coronavirus outbreak.

Apple’s Dark Sky acquisition is the latest move in the company’s master plan to grow its biggest product other than the iPhone

Apple just bought the Dark Sky weather app, giving it yet another possible revenue stream for its growing services division.
The Food Network Go app gives you access to all the best shows on the channel, provided you sign in with a pay-TV subscription.

How to watch your favorite shows on Food Network without a traditional cable subscription

Here's how to watch the Food Network channel online so you can see top shows like "Chopped" without a traditional cable subscription.

The FBI is promoting an at-home exercise app that also tracks your phone’s location and data

The FBI suggested that people stuck indoors during the coronavirus pandemic download its workout app, but users questioned why it collected so much data.

PRESENTING: The tools CEOs and executives have been using for years to manage and engage their remote teams

The coronavirus pandemic has altered workflows. Experienced managers of work-from-home employees use these tools to keep workers productive.

These at-home fitness apps are seeing a surge as gyms close and people are ordered to shelter in place to contain the coronavirus pandemic

As many gyms close their doors to curb the coronavirus outbreak, apps for working out at home are seeing a big boost.

The best workout apps

If you're going to be spending a lot of time at home, it's important to find ways to stay active. Here are the best workout apps we've tried.

The Iranian government released an official coronavirus app for Iranians, but Google pulled it from its app store

The app reportedly claimed it could diagnose coronavirus, which is said to be why Google removed it from its official app store.

Outraged Robinhood users threaten class-action lawsuit after stock-trading app suffers daylong outage

The popular stocking-trading app Robinhood went down on Monday during the market's largest rally in 12 years, and users remain outraged.
You can recover deleted photos from your iPhone in several ways.

6 apps made my month of nonstop travel in Asia infinitely easier and more enjoyable

Without these six apps — including Grab, Maps.Me, and Instagram — my trip would have been far worse.