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An international competition will decide the design of Singapore’s upcoming Founders’ Memorial

It will commemorate Singapore's milestones through 13,700 square metres of indoor and outdoor spaces.

23 wild structures built at Burning Man through the years

Burning Man, the wild, dusty arts and culture festival that takes over the Nevada desert at the end of each summer, has become a cultural phenomenon since it began in San Francisco in 1986. These impressive constructions are truly works of art.

Dubai is constructing a building that looks like a giant iPad and has so much technology it acts like ‘Iron Man’s armor’

Hong Kong architect James Law designed a building full of technology he compares to Tony Stark's Iron Man suit of armor. The apartment building looks like an Apple iPod and the residency was originally named the iPad in Dubai.
The luxurious Upper East Side building caters to the "quintessential New Yorker."

Inside the new building designed by the man behind ‘the world’s most powerful address,’ where apartments go for up to $35 million

20 East End Avenue is a new luxury apartment building that is classic New York City. Apartments cost up to $35 million.
The Analemma Tower by Clouds Architecture Office.

A US design firm has plans for a skyscraper that would hang from an asteroid

It would travel thousands of miles every day between the Northern and Southern hemispheres in a figure-of-eight loop.

The Louvre is opening a Middle East outpost in Abu Dhabi — and the building looks amazing

The museum — the first Louvre outpost not in France — has been in the pipeline for 11 years.

A Chinese billionaire-owned real estate firm is building a huge skyscraper in San Francisco

Oceanwide Center will become the second tallest building in San Francisco upon completion in 2021.

A 58-story skyscraper in San Francisco is sinking — here’s why it probably won’t fall

Millennium Tower is unlikely to keel over anytime soon, in part because it's sinking too slowly to take anyone by surprise.

12 of the most beautiful new buildings in China

We rounded up the most striking new buildings across China.

Roller coasters are feats of creative engineering genius — take a look at their 200-year history

Since the early 19th century, humans have been placing wheeled carts on elevated tracks all in an effort to go faster than our puny legs can take us.