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US Navy destroyers USS Donald Cook and USS Porter conduct a connected replenishment with the USNS Supply to receive fuel and stores in the North Atlantic, April 28, 2020.

Keeping operations going during the coronavirus requires a role reversal for US Navy ships in Europe

With coronavirus-related restrictions like self-quarantines between port visits, Navy ships have to find new ways to keep things going while at sea.
British navy frigate HMS Kent; US Navy guided-missile destroyers USS Roosevelt, USS Porter, and USS Donald Cook; and supply ship USNS Supply in the Arctic Ocean, May 5, 2020.

As US Navy ships wrap up a historic Arctic exercise, Russia’s navy sends them off with its own nearby drills

US and British ships finished naval exercises and sailed out of the Barents Sea on Friday as the Russian navy conducted its own drills in the area.
National Geographic Endurance is an arctic cruise ship.

Take a look inside the National Geographic Endurance, a new Arctic cruise ship that’s designed to explore polar waters and where reservations ar...

The ship — that has a sauna, yoga studio, and guest decks — was set to be unveiled in March but got postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.
A B-2A Spirit bomber is escorted by F-15C Eagles, and Royal Norwegian Air Force F-35A aircraft in support of Bomber Task Force Europe 20-2 over Keflavik, Iceland, March 17, 2020.

US B-2 stealth bombers teamed up with Norwegian F-35s for another flight over Iceland

The stealth bomber's second trip to Iceland's airspace comes as NATO focuses more on the Arctic.
US and Canadian aircraft intercept two Russian Tu-142 maritime reconnaissance aircraft in the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone on March 9, 2020.

Russian reconnaissance planes were intercepted by US and Canadian fighters as they lurked over a submarine exercise in the Arctic

The Russian planes didn't enter US airspace, but they did linger over some US attack subs in the Arctic.
A Norwegian soldier instructs a US Navy Corpsman about combating the cold during a cold-weather training package in Bjerkvik, Norway, February 25, 2020.

Finland pulled troops from an Arctic military exercise with the US and 8 other countries over coronavirus concerns

A soldier at a military camp in Norway tested positive for the coronavirus, but that's the only person who has, Norway's military says.

Inside Sweden’s floating Arctic Bath hotel, a surreal new property where guests can take an icy dip beneath the Northern Lights

In the winter, the Arctic Bath is fully frozen into the Lule River in Sweden; in the summer, the luxury hotel floats on the water.
An F/A-18F Super Hornet launches from USS Theodore Roosevelt during Northern Edge 2019, May 13, 2019.

The US Navy is learning how to operate in the Arctic, and more ships may not be the answer

Norway's ambassador to the US says these are some of the essentials troops need for Arctic missions.
Lapland is home to more reindeer than people — and to some of the world's cleanest air.

A Finnish family is offering a wellness experience called ‘Arctic cocooning’ where they tuck customers into hammocks in a remote pine fore...

Arctic Cocooning, a family-run Finnish wellness experience that involves swaying in hammocks in a pine forest, helps guests reconnect with nature.
Charlie Hammerton and Bandit the ferret traveled the world together.

A grieving man traveled the world with his pet ferret, and said it was an ‘adventure worth living for’

From Europe to the Middle East and even the Arctic Circle, Charlie Hammerton and Bandit were inseparable.