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The property in Montana is a working cattle ranch set on 7,000 acres.

Millennials aren’t buying baby boomers’ ranches. In Montana and Arizona, 2 luxury ranches have been sitting on the market for over a year ...

For $50 million, you can buy two luxury ranches in Montana and Arizona that span a total of 7,100 acres — here's what the money will get you.
An A-10 Thunderbolt II fires off a flare while banking into a high-angle firing position during a training exercise.

A US Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt accidentally fired off a rocket over Arizona

It happened again. This is the second time this year an A-10 has unintentionally released munitions in an area where it shouldn't have.
FBI agents in Hazmat suits raiding the Biological Research Center in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2014.

A former ‘body broker’ has a surprising theory for why FBI agents found a person’s head sewn onto a different torso in an Arizona bo...

A 2014 FBI raid of a body-donation center in Phoenix, Arizona, found a woman's head sewn onto a larger man's torso, among other gruesome discoveries.
Sen. John McCain of Arizona shares a laugh with one of his closest friends, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

The incredible life of John McCain in photos

The senator was known to buck GOP leadership — earning the nickname "Maverick" — and reach across the political aisle to voice his candid opinions.
Blane and Susan Barksdale.

A suspected neo-Nazi and his wife are on the run after overpowering security guards holding them on murder charges

Blane and Susan Barksdale escaped from custody when they overpowered guards who were transporting them through Utah, officials said on Tuesday.

Trump’s new press secretary was arrested for DUI while working on the 2016 campaign during her rocky rise to the White House

Stephanie Grisham has taken an unconventional approach to her White House post, and hasn't held a single on-camera briefing since taking over in July.
A postal worker took these photos of a steak, which reached a Medium temperature on a mail truck's dashboard over 12 hours.

A mail carrier cooked steak on a postal truck’s dashboard to draw attention to extreme heat — and an Arizona lawmaker wants the post offic...

A lawmaker who wants the Postal Service to help workers avoid heat-related injuries said the meat hit 142 degrees after 2 1/2 hours on the dashboard.
A group of hostages overtook the gunman holding them captive in a Circle K, beating him with a red crate and shoes.

Surveillance footage shows a group of hostages ganging up on their armed captor at an Arizona convenience store, smashing a crate into him and hitting...

The suspected gunman was eventually shot by SWAT officers, though he survived and faces charges for murder, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.
Jim Stauffer holds a photo of his late mother Doris Stauffer, whose body he donated, in December 2016.

An Arizona man is suing a body-donation company after it gave his mother’s corpse to the military for blast testing

Jim Stauffer gave his mom's body to the Biological Resource Center, hoping it could help fight Alzheimer's. But the Army used it to test explosives.
FBI agents in Hazmat suits raiding the Biological Research Center in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2014.

FBI agents found buckets of human body parts and a torso with another person’s head sewn onto it in a horrific raid at an Arizona body-donation ...

The Biological Resource Center had been selling the body parts for profit, for as much as $2,900. Relatives are suing the facility.