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Babchenko and his friend and colleague, Aider Muzhdabaev, who is holding a black-and-white photo of him.

How Ukraine faked the death of a famous anti-Putin journalist, who was taken to a morgue wrapped in a sheet with pig blood smeared round his mouth

Arkady Babchenko conspired with Ukraine's security service, the SBU, to fake his own death in May. He had been told he was on the hit-list of Borys Herman, a weapons manufacturer in eastern Ukraine who reportedly worked for pro-Russian forces. He told BBC Panorama how it all went down.

Pig’s blood, a staged photo and a trip to the morgue: Russian journalist describes faking his own death

Babchenko, a prominent war reporter and Kremlin critic, was reported assassinated on Tuesday but then appeared in the flesh at a press conference on Wednesday, where the SBU said that they faked his death to catch a would-be assassin who was contracted by Russia.

Watch colleagues of Russian journalist who faked assassination go wild when he reemerged from the dead

But other journalists have questioned the consequences of the sting, and Babchenko's role in it, despite his life being on the line.
Arkady Babchenko (center) at the press conference in Kyiv.

A Russian journalist who was reportedly assassinated just showed up at news conference and announced he faked his own death

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that a plan to assassinate Babchenko had been planned for two months by Russia and that Ukrainian Security Services foiled the attempt.