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Cherry blossoms in bloom in Busan, South Korea.

20 underrated cities around the world you should visit in your lifetime

These cities may not be as well-known as their touristy counterparts, but they have just as much to offer (and will probably be less crowded, too).
In Sicily, you can start your day with gelato and brioche.

What breakfast sandwiches look like in 9 places around the world

From bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches to gelato and brioche delights, here's what different types of breakfast sandwiches look like around the world.
There are a lot of amazing chocolate-flavored desserts out there.

11 chocolate desserts around the world that you need to try

From Japan to Italy, here are some of the tastiest chocolate desserts from around the world that are definitely worth trying.
A chef preparing ramen.

12 of the best noodle dishes from around the world

Whether they're stir-fried, topped with sauce, or served in a rich broth, noodles are a beloved comfort food in many cultures.
Royal weddings have featured some spectacular dresses.

22 photos that show what royal wedding dresses look like around the world

Royal weddings have featured some spectacular dresses. Here's what 22 royal brides wore on their wedding day.

34 stunning photos of royal weddings around the world

From horse-drawn carriages to billowing wedding dresses, here are the most stunning photos from royal wedding celebrations around the world.
You can try a lot of different pizzas in the US.

16 regional pizza styles from around the US you should try

From Chicago deep-dish to New-York thin crust, here are some regional pizza styles from around the US that you should try.
Kindergarten looks different all over the world.

What kindergarten looks like in 7 countries around the world

Some kindergartens around the world allow students to stay outside all day, climb a tree to get to class, and even do yoga.
Conch salad.

The most popular snack in 25 countries around the world

From raw fish to sweet waffles, these are the most popular snack foods around the world.
Bakeries differ around the world.

What bakeries look like in 15 places around the world

Bakeries might look a little different depending on where you are in the world. Here's what bakeries look like around the world.