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Clips of the rant inside an AT&T in Friendstown, Texas, on Tuesday.

A man in Texas was arrested after he was filmed calling an AT&T employee a ‘f—ing Arab’ and saying he had been ‘killing h...

Joey Christian was charged in Friendswood, Texas, on Tuesday with public intoxication and disorderly conduct related to using abusive language.
A mugshot shows Holden Matthews, 21, a suspect in the recent fires at three historically black churches in Louisiana.

Authorities arrested a suspect in the fires at 3 historically black Louisiana churches — and it’s the son of a sheriff’s deputy

Investigators said they're still determining a motive for the fires, but are probing Holden Matthews' connection with the "black metal" music genre.

Rep. Steve King had a glass of water thrown on him at an Iowa restaurant

Blake Gibbins, from Lafayette, Colorado, was arrested after the incident at Mineral City Mill and Grill restaurant in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

The 2 police officers who arrested the New Zealand shooting suspect didn’t know the severity of the massacre and just happened to be in full gea...

The New Zealand police said just 21 minutes lapsed between the first emergency call and the time two officers arrested the suspect.

Video of arrest just after New Zealand mosque shootings appears to show how a suspect was caught by police

A video taken by a bystander appears to show the arrest of a suspect involved in a New Zealand massacre that killed dozens of worshippers.
A Facebook photo announces that Laura and Matt Trayte's supposed adoptive baby is a girl.

A woman who faked being pregnant and devastated the parents who believed they were adopting her baby has been arrested

Elizabeth Jones has admitted to fooling the couple, telling local media outlets that she has no idea why she invented the pregnancy.

R. Kelly is arrested again after failure to pay more than $161,000 in child support

Judge Lori Rosen had warned R. Kelly last month that he would be arrested unless he paid $161,000 in child support and interest.

R. Kelly’s lawyer says ‘I think all the women are lying’ as the singer is arrested in Chicago on sexual-abuse charges involving 4 wo...

Robert Sylvester Kelly has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.
Steven Downs

Investigators in Alaska used DNA from a genealogy website to pinpoint a suspect in a 26-year-old murder case

Alaska State Troopers announced on Friday that investigators used genetic genealogy to arrest Steven H. Down on charges of murder and sexual assault.