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The 16 most expensive paintings ever sold

Sotheby's New York just sold Claude Monet's 1890 painting "Meules" for $110.7 million.

Billionaire yacht owners are desperately seeking advice to protect their priceless art from flying champagne corks and corn-flake stains

There are super yachts with "better collections than some national museums." Pandora Mather-Lees helps the rich keep art safe at sea for a €295 a day.

Real estate tycoon George Wong dies at age 65

George Wong, whose ...

Billionaire couple plan to demolish part of a historic London church to make room for their art collection

Poju and Anita Zabludowicz submitted plans to partially demolish a former Sunday school to extend their gallery's space.

The size of an artist’s signature can make their work more valuable, a new study shows

The narcissism of the artist is a good indicator of resale value.