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Artificial intelligence will be a major theme at the world’s largest tech show next week

Artificial intelligence and robotics have been prominent in pop culture and home devices in 2018, making it a big theme to look out for at CES 2019.
Microsoft's chief lawyer Brad Smith

Microsoft’s top lawyer says it’ll never shy away from providing AI-powered weapons to the US military: ‘We at Microsoft have their b...

Microsoft President Brad Smith offers a dig at Google while confirming that his company is happy to pursue the enormous defense market and fulfill what it sees as its patriotic duty.

Huawei’s new Mate 20 phones will hit stores on Oct 27 – here’s what we know

The Mate 20 Pro boasts a unique feature, reverse charging, meaning it can charge phones – including models of other brands – by touching them to the phone.

The new G7 smartphone has LG’s ‘ThinQ’ technology — here’s what the feature actually does

The 'ThinkQ' feature in the new LG G7 smartphone acts as an AI assistant of sorts for your camera —it's not like Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, or Samsung's Bixby.

AI-powered smartphones and the features that will make you want to buy them

The artificially intelligent smartphone trend of 2017 will bleed into the new year. Here are many of the developments so far.

We tried the AI software companies like Goldman Sachs and Unilever use to analyze job applicants

We got to exper...

How IBM Watson saved the life of a woman dying from cancer, exec says

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty has called health care IBM's "moonshot" and the company has already been saving people's lives, exec says.

Scientists have an interesting theory about how we got such big brains

The past 2 million years have not been easy on our brains.