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The New York City real estate market has gotten so bad that people are paying millions to live in the basement

With more space at a fraction of the cost of other units in their buildings, below-grade spaces are becoming an increasingly attractive option among New York City homebuyers — but they still cost millions.

20 of the best places to live for first-time homebuyers

Saving for a down payment to buy a home isn't easy these days, but it can a little easier depending on where you live. RealEstate.com recently looked at the best places where first-time home buyers can save for a 20% down payment the fastest. See which cities are best for first-time homebuyers.
The San Francisco metro area has 46 $1 million cities.

The US has more million-dollar real estate markets than ever — here are 23 cities where the typical home will be $1 million by next year

Home prices in the United States are continuing to rise, pushing more and more cities into $1 million territory. Nearly 200 cities currently have a median home value of at least $1 million, and 23 cities are projected to join the seven-figure club by summer 2019.
The shockingly low prices make Cook Out a destination unto itself, and the quality of the food is solid.

We visited the regional chain that Southerners say is better than In-N-Out and Shake Shack — here’s the verdict

New Yorkers love Shake Shack. The West Coast swears by In-N-Out. But North Carolinians say that there's one burger chain that trumps them all.
Taylor Swift reportedly has a net worth of more than $300 million.

Taylor Swift is worth more than $300 million — see her bicoastal mansions, lavish vacations, and generous gifts to fans and friends

Taylor Swift's net worth is reportedly $320 million, making her one of the world's highest-paid celebrities. Once Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour ends this fall, her net worth could climb higher. From her $84 million real estate portfolio to charity donations, see how Swift spends her fortune.
Millennials are managing myriad money woes.

7 of the biggest financial problems millennials face that their parents didn’t

Because they came of age during the Great Recession, millennials are dealing with a number of financial problems: student loan debt, inflating living costs, unexpected expenses, and needing to save more for retirement.
Bill and Melinda Gates are the top American philanthropists.

The 25 most generous philanthropists in America today

The Chronicle of Philanthropy publishes an annual round up of the top 50 philanthropists by calculating their yearly donations.In 2017, America's super rich and famous donated $14.7 billion to causes, alma maters, foundations, and charities. Bill and Melinda Gates top the list.
The median home listing price in the US is nearly $280,000.

The most expensive and affordable states to buy a house, ranked

Home prices have increased significantly since the 1960s, when the median price of a home was less than $100,000 in today's dollars. Today, the median home price in the US is nearly than $280,000, according to Zillow — but that can vary depending on what state you buy a house in.
Krystal Bick said: "If you don't treat yourself as a business, business isn't going to treat you as a business."

A millennial who left her 6-figure job at Google to be a full-time social media influencer explains why she was willing to take the risk

Krystal Bick left her six-figure job at Google after five years to pursue her side hustle: being an influencer. She now earns as much as five-figures for a brand ambassadorship and says being an entrepreneur is liberating.
Early retirement is full of surprises.

7 things no one tells you about early retirement

Early retirement can be a bit of a mystery — how does one achieve and maintain such a lifestyle? No one tells you that early retirement may incite criticism from friends and family, or that it doesn't take as much money to be comfortable as you may think.