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Asia’s pension reforms call for a multi-pillar approach

As the cost of living in Asia continues to rise, evidence has suggested a notable shortfall for people to sustain their post-retirement lifestyle.
Li Keqiang.

China ditches its annual growth target for the first time as coronavirus hammers the world’s 2nd largest economy

Chinese Premiere Li Keqiang pledged to impose a controversial new national security law through "enforcement mechanisms" on Hong Kong and Macau.

Locust swarms devour fields of crops in a single day that would feed 35,000 people — and COVID-19 threatens to make the pest problem even worse

Regions of Africa, Asia, and the Arabian Peninsula threatened by locust swarms could see food insecurity worsen as COVID-19 makes pest control harder.
Migrants workers occupy every spare spot aboard trucks in Patna, India, as they attempt to get home during the coronavirus lockdown on May 17, 2020.

India’s coronavirus outbreak may soon trigger an unprecedented recession as millions of migrant workers travel from packed cities to rural villa...

Social distancing is nearly impossible in packed, unhygienic slums at the center of the country's outbreaks.

Global stocks rise despite Fed’s Powell warning that the coronavirus downturn could last until late 2021

Investors cheered looser lockdowns and data showing a slowdown in the number of new coronavirus cases.
Iraq is turning off the taps.

Iraq is leading the way in OPEC’s efforts to slash oil supply to Asia amid the global glut

Iraq's state-owned oil company told at least three of its Asian customers they would not be given the full contractual volumes agreed upon for June.

Global manufacturing is in disarray as activity in Europe slumps to all-time lows, and Asia drops at its fastest rate since the financial crisis

"Euro area manufacturing output plunged to an extent greatly exceeding any decline previously seen," Chris Williamson of IHS Markit said.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attends the 5th Plenary Meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) in this undated photo released on December 31, 2019 by North Korean Central News Agency.

South Korea says it has ‘enough intelligence’ to say Kim Jong Un is still alive

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been out of the public eye for weeks, giving rise to rumors that he's dead.

Some ‘Animal Crossing’ players in China are using the game to protest government policies, and now the Chinese government is banning the g...

The Chinese government has banned sales of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" after some players used the game to express criticism of government policy.
An abandoned church in Sinabung, Indonesia.

These ‘ghost villages’ in Indonesia are all that remain after years of eruptions from the volcanic Mount Sinabung

In North Sumatra, Indonesia, the volcanic Mount Sinabung eruption forced inhabitants to abandon their homes, which now remain untouched under ash.