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1-year-old baby Chanco – known for her voluminous hair – is the star of Pantene’s new campaign

Quite possibly the cutest hair model in the history of shampoo ads.

JJ Lin’s production company is bringing Kaws’ largest-ever sculpture to Taipei

At 36 metres long, it is the largest-ever sculptural project by Kaws.

Hannah Quinlivan just gave Jay Chou a super-SUV made by Lambor­ghini for Christmas

This was the first time in his life he has received a car from a woman.

An Indonesian woman’s petition got a Shopee ad with K-pop group Blackpink pulled: ‘The clothes don’t even cover the thighs’

She said the group's "provocative" dance moves and skimpy outfits would send young viewers the wrong message that the "objectification of the female body (was) legitimate".

China bars billionaire actress Zhao Wei from holding key positions in companies for five years

China said she and her husband were unfit to be directors, supervisors and senior executives of listed companies.

The last superhero Stan Lee unveiled before he died was based on Chinese mega pop star G.E.M – here’s what we know

Her name is Jewel and she's a pop star by day, and an undercover superhero by night.

China fines Fan Bingbing US$69.7 million in high-profile tax evasion case

Her vanishing act sparked wild speculation in China about her fate.