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Angelababy, Jackie Chan and Jordan Chan among celebrities supporting the Chinese flag after a protester threw it into the sea

These are the Hong Kong celebrities who have spoken up in support of China's flag.

Successor groups and fan volunteerism are among reasons why bands like BTS are so successful, Twitter’s K-pop expert says

A K-pop insider reveals how Korean entertainment manages to grow its success year after year.

Korean actress faces 4 years’ jail for catching an endangered clam species in Thailand in reality show ‘Law of the Jungle’

Lee Yeol Eum allegedly committed the crime while participating in a popular South Korean reality-documentary show where celebrities are left to survive in remote locations around the world.

South Korea’s Song-Song golden couple are getting a divorce – here’s what we know

She was spotted without her ring from as early as February this year.

A Chinese actress with a small role in the world’s most Googled TV show says she feels ‘bullied’ after being accused of overstaying ...

She also said that she was not ushered off the red carpet because she was hogging the limelight.

Sammi Cheng breaks silence on Andy Hui’s affair, says it is an ‘important lesson’ in their marriage

Sammi Cheng says she hopes for peace and quiet to return.

Andy Hui just admitted to cheating on Sammi Cheng, devastating supporters of ‘Hong Kong’s last fairytale’

"I regret it very much, and find it very hard to face myself and accept myself," Hui said.

Accused of being a prostitution agent, BigBang’s Seungri is now alleged to have received secretly filmed sex videos – here’s what we...

The prostitution scandal has gotten so "big", it has become too difficult to handle.