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Anne McClain and Christina Hammock Koch were scheduled to preform a spacewalk on Friday.

NASA canceled the first all-female spacewalk in history because it didn’t have enough spacesuits in the right size — and people are baffle...

The first all-female spacewalk was scheduled to happen on Friday, March 29. But because there is only one size medium space suit, plans have changed.
André Kuipers

An astronaut accidentally called 911 from space

Dutch astronaut André Kuipers said he dialed the wrong number while trying to contact NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly thinks we should never have all humans on Earth at the same time ever again

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly lived on the International Space Station during his one-year mission. Before the ISS comes to an end, he hopes for a replacement.
NASA astronaut Scott Kelly's year in space changed him.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly shared what it was REALLY like to live in space for a year

Astronaut Scott Kelly shared some of the strangest, most interesting details about floating around the International Space Station for a year.
Sometimes you have to use the best weapon in your arsenal: wine.

Sometimes you just have to go drinking with your coworkers, a former NASA flight director working with Russian scientists after the Cold War says

Former NASA flight director Paul Hill explains how he won the trust of Russian scientists after the Cold War.
Scott Kelly took an unconventional route to space.

Astronaut Scott Kelly was a mediocre student who made a complete transformation thanks to a book he found by accident and a call from his twin brother...

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has flown to space four times, including a long trip on the International Space Station, but he wasn't a great student. Kelly turned things around after reading Tom Wolfe's "The Right Stuff" and listening to his brother Mark's advice.

How going to space affects men and women differently

NASA found some surprising differences.

These $900 stilettos were invented by a former SpaceX exec — and they’re the most comfortable high heels I’ve ever worn

Former SpaceX exec Dolly Singh and her company Thesis Couture redesigned the high heel with help from rocket scientists and MIT engineers.

Scientists have finally figured out why astronauts lose their vision while in space

According to a new study, the eyesight of astronauts is being harmed by changes in the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.