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The 2020 iPad Pro is pictured above using an AR app.

A major feature in Apple’s new iPad Pro could be a clue to where the company’s products are headed

Apple's new iPad Pro is its first gadget with AR-specific hardware thanks to its Lidar sensor, possibly setting the stage for the iPhone 12 and more.

Facebook is finally shutting down MSQRD, the selfie app it bought in 2016 and then didn’t update for years

Facebook has repeatedly used acquisitions to reinforce its dominance over the last few years — even at the expense of consumer choice.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

More details have emerged about the iPhone’s rumored 3D depth camera for advanced augmented reality, photo, and video effects

Apple has reportedly been working on such a feature, often referred to as a "world-facing" camera, for at least 2 years.
The iPhone 11

The iPhone 12 will reportedly come with faster Wi-Fi, and this small change could have huge implications for Apple’s future smartphone plans

Apple's new iPhones might launch with a major upgrade to Wi-Fi that will have implications for augmented reality.
Google users can opt-in to have their location data automatically deleted.

Google Maps is getting a major update today for its 15th birthday — here’s everything that’s new

Google Maps is getting a new design that highlights everything else you use it for besides directions. The update comes on its 15th birthday.

Tim Cook keeps talking about why this one technology will ‘pervade’ our lives in the future

Apple CEO Tim Cook once again discussed why he thinks AR will be an important part of the future of technology.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The next 10 years of Apple will include self-driving cars, computer glasses, and — yes — a much faster iPhone

Apple has dominated the last decade in tech, and it has no plans of slowing down in the next 10 years.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Tim Cook subtly dinged Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg by saying augmented reality doesn’t isolate people like other technologies

Cook said AR "doesn't isolate people," and hinted at other technologies which have "deeply worried" him.

Apple has an idea for immersive audio technology that could one day play an important role in its big plans for augmented reality

The patent describes a system that could shift audio to the background or foreground, making entertainment feel more immersive.

5 failed tech predictions for the 2010s that didn’t work out

Futurists and scientists had high hopes for the 2010s, but some areas, like augmented reality, haven't quite lived up to the hype.