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I just tried Google’s brand new augmented reality Maps on a one mile walk through San Francisco, and I miss it already

Google says the feature is in an "alpha" state and for now, will only be available to "local guides."
A figure from Lyft's latest augmented-reality patent application, made public Thursday.

Lyft wants to use augmented reality to make it easier to meet your driver

Lyft has filed a patent for AR glasses and computer-generated pickup suggestions.

The world’s first Monopoly-themed attraction is opening in Hong Kong this autumn

The world's first Monopoly-themed attraction will span 20,000 sq ft of indoor and outdoor space at The Peak Galleria in Hong Kong.

Here’s all the major tech we’re expecting at CES 2019, the biggest tech convention of the year

CES 2019, the biggest annual tech convention in the US, kicks off on January 8.
Blippar CEO Ambarish Mitra (left).

Once-hyped augmented reality startup Blippar has laid off all of its employees after collapsing into administration

Blippar, which once claimed it was worth $1.5 billion, went into administration on Monday after failing to raise further funding.

Tesla wants its factory workers to wear futuristic augmented reality glasses on the assembly line

Tesla, which has been criticised for its overuse of robots in its factory, has previously used Google Glass on the assembly line.

Apple’s new iPhone software is better than ever: Here are the 12 most useful features in iOS 12

If you're new to iOS 12, here's the best the iPhone operating system has to offer.
VIVE Sync, a virtual reality collaboration and meeting application from HTC VIVE

I explored the inside of a human nose and it convinced me that the real business in VR isn’t gaming, it’s all about training workers

HTC VIVE announced its new headset, Vive Focus. Here's how VR can be used for businesses and even seeing what the inside of a human nose looks like.

These could be the 3D-camera eyes for your next home robot

Occipital, a 3D-sensing startup, released a new camera that costs a few hundred dollars called Structure Core, which other companies can use to build depth-aware products.
Like its successor Pokémon Go, Niantic's Ingress Prime asks players to explore the real world with their smartphones out.

The creators of Pokémon Go have totally revamped their original game — and it’s perfect for Pokémon masters looking for a new ch...

Niantic has released Ingress Prime, a revamped and overhauled version of its original game. And for Pokémon masters who want more, it could be perfect.