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The Commander 8x8 is one of the largest expedition vehicles ever built.

A family of 8 is traveling through Australia’s most remote regions in a fully customized double-decker camper van. Here’s a look inside.

SLRV didn't disclose the final cost of the ultra-luxe RV but estimated that the price would fall between $670,000 and $1,370,000.

A couple had the most Australian Christmas ever when they found a 10-foot-python in their Christmas tree

Leanne Chapman's husband was leaning against the tree before he realized that the snake was curled up in the branches.
Canva co-founder and Chief Product Officer Cameron Adams.i

Canva cofounder says the $3.2 billion Australian startup is ‘more stable’ than WeWork, amid chatter about overvalued unicorns

Canva cofounder Cameron Adams said the company had no plans for an initial public offering anytime soon but was not ruling out the possibility later.
Sydney author and podcast host Jo Thornely covered her boss' entire office in wrapping paper.

A prankster covered her boss’ entire office in holiday wrapping paper, including his pens and spare change

Australian author Jo Thornely told Insider that it cost $30 and took three-and-a-half hours to pull off the incredible — and festive — prank.

Uber reveals the top 15 countries users visited, according to its own data

The ride-hailing app compiled the list, which is topped by Mexico, using data from its rider's behavior.
The Australian Federal Police and the Australian Border Force charged three people on Thursday in relation to smuggling meth inside stereo speakers originating from Bangkok, Thailand.

Police in Australia seized nearly $1 billion worth of meth hidden inside stereo speakers smuggled in from Thailand

The drug bust was the country's largest onshore methamphetamine seizure in history, according to the Australian Federal Police.
A still from the video showing Toni Doherty taking the koala to safety wrapped in her t-shirt.

Video shows a heroic Australian woman brave raging flames to save a badly wounded, crying koala from a bushfire

The koala, named Ellenborough Lewis, was taken to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital for rehabilitation. The hospital confirmed his death on Tuesday.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks to media during a press conference at Parliament House on November 25, 2019 in Canberra, Australia.

Australia is investigating claims that China paid $1 million to try and plant a Chinese politician into parliament

Nick Zhao, a 32-year-old Liberal Party member, was reportedly offered $1 million by Chinese agents to run in Australia's federal elections.
Protesters stand off against riot police in a business district of Tsim Sha Tsui on August 10, 2019.

A Chinese spy has reportedly defected to Australia, offering its government a cache of intelligence secrets

Former spy Wang Liquiang has revealed how the Chinese government runs its political interference operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia.
An injured koala receives treatment after its rescue from a bushfire at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital on November 19, 2019 in Port Macquarie, Australia.

An Australian koala hospital raised more than $1 million to help rescue native animals injured in the devastating wildfires roaring across the country...

Many were inspired to donate to the GoFundMe campaign after a video of a woman rescuing a crying koala from a bushfire went viral on social media.