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A couple in Australia and their pet dog were attacked by a giant carnivorous lizard

A 72-year-old man was seriously injured after attempting to break up a fight between his pet dog and a giant Goanna lizard.
Video footage shows the suspect pinned down under chairs and with his head under a plastic crate by members of the public before police arrived.

People chased down a stabbing suspect in Sydney and trapped him under chairs and plastic crates until police arrived

Video shows the man, accused of stabbing at least one woman and trying to stab more, climbing on a car holding a knife before witnesses caught him.
Protesters try to break into the Legislative Council building where riot police are seen, during the anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China in Hong Kong, China July 1, 2019.

Australia issues travel warning to Hong Kong as ‘unpredictable’ protests enter into their ninth week

The warning comes amid largescale protests that rocked Hong Kong throughout the weekend, several of which turned violent.
A Qantas Airbus A380.

Travelers were stranded halfway around the world when Australian airline Qantas cancelled multiple flights to the US

Four Qantas flights between Los Angeles and Melbourne were cancelled because of mechanical issues. Hundreds of passengers were left stranded.

5 countries that have taken radical steps to eliminate firearm deaths — and what the US can learn from them

While no country is a pure analog for America, its peers have taken massive, successive steps to driving down killings, like destroying guns in bulk.
The Koorana Crocodile Farm posted about the surgical plate a farmer found in a roughly 15-foot long crocodile named MJ.

An Australian farmer found a surgical plate and 6 screws inside the stomach of a 15-foot crocodile — and he thinks it could solve a missing pers...

The farmer, John Lever, told local media outlets he believes the plate may have belonged to a human, and hopes to help solve a missing persons case.
Booking.com is offering two lucky travelers a chance to sleep in a giant avocado, aptly dubbed "the Avo-Condo," in the heart of Sydney, Australia.

You can sleep in a giant ‘avo-condo’ that looks just like the fruit to celebrate National Avocado Day

The green fruit-turned-camper is located in Sydney's Circular Quay and boasts views of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Australian students concerned personal data was shared to Chinese social media after they voiced support for Hong Kong

In Australia, students at the University of Queensland clashed in parallel rallies supporting Hong Kong and Beijing.
The Cobham Aviation plane crashed into a light pole.

A plane collided with a huge lamp post at an airport in Australia, damaging its nose and forcing everyone to get off

Passengers said they felt a "massive jolt" when the Cobham Aviation plane, carrying 62 passengers and four crew members, collided with the structure.
Soy sauce bottles are displayed at a market in California.

A crackdown on alcohol in Australia’s Northern Territory could take soy sauce off the shelves because it contains traces of it

Business owners in Australia's Northern Territory say government regulators have warned them that soy sauce may be subject to alcohol laws.