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Beijing Olympic supporters holding Chinese flags are seen near the Australian War Memorial on April 24, 2008 in Canberra. Australian police tussled with Chinese torch escorts as the Olympic flame was run through Canberra to noisy demonstrations by thousands of Chinese supporters and rival pro-Tibet protesters. Several people were arrested on the sidelines while centre-stage Australian police and the blue-and-white tracksuit-clad Chinese escorts physically played out a long running dispute over who was in charge of security. Pro-Chinese protesters were bused in from around the nation in a highly organised display backed by local Chinese businessmen.

Australia is blocking a billionaire political donor from returning to the country over long-held fears he may be a Chinese influence agent

Australia has rejected the citizenship application of a Chinese billionaire and canceled his visa on suspicion of being a Chinese influence agent.

Police reportedly evacuate Brisbane airport after man brandishes knife and threatens a bomb

The Courier-Mail says police took into custody a man at a Brisbane airport who "claimed to be carrying a bomb."
Notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar has a restaurant making burgers in his name.

An Australian restaurant called ‘Pablo’s Escoburgers’ has defended serving its main dish with a line of white powder and a rolled up...

The restaurant's main menu item, "The Patron," is served with "double patty, candied bacon, cartel secret sauce, and a few other surprises."
The snake.

A woman was bit by a 5-foot python that had been hiding in a toilet, and it’s truly the stuff of nightmares

The bite wasn't poisonous, but Helen Richards said the incident has changed the way she thinks about using the bathroom.
Victoria Police released two photos of Aiia Maasarwe captured on the night she was found dead.

Australian leaders call Israeli girl’s brutal murder in Melbourne ‘incredibly shocking’

The Australian PM says the brutal murder of an Israeli exchange student  in Australia's southern city of Melbourne "shocking, despicable and tragic."

Australia is pumping oxygen into lakes and rivers as a ‘Band-Aid solution’ to stop thousands of fish from dying

Nearly one million fish were found dead in a river in New South Wales last week. Another 1,800 rotting fish have been found in a lake since then.
Maria Island is full of wombats.

An Australian national park is asking people to stop taking selfies with wombats and take a pledge to be a ‘respectful traveler’

Anyone who goes to Maria Island will see a sign that reads 'I take this pledge to respect and protect the furred and feathered residents of Maria.'
Saudi teen Rahaf al-Qunun is greeted by Thai immigration authorities at a hotel inside Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand January 7, 2019. Thailand Immigration Police.

The Saudi teen who fled her family and got refugee status after a viral Twitter campaign has reportedly been granted asylum in Australia

Rahaf al-Qunun said in an interview that Australia had accepted her asylum claim. The Australian government decline to comment when asked by INSIDER.
The sign unexpectedly fell.

A falling highway road sign crushed a woman’s car — and there’s video of the moment

The 53-year-old woman who was driving sustained minor neck injuries, but she survived the accident, per Nine News Australia.
Saudi teen Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun is greeted by Thai immigration authorities at a hotel inside Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand January 7, 2019.

Saudi teen who barricaded herself in Bangkok airport to escape family who ‘consider me as property’ has reportedly passed a test that mean...

Australia says it will now consider granting asylum to Rahaf al-Qunun after reports said she had been granted UN refugee status.